So with the Saints winning the Super Bowl and Mardis Gras coming fast, New Orleans is in the spotlight. Congratulations Big Easy, you deserve it. I’m jealous of everyone who is visiting New Orleans right now because it’s party central.My roommate and I were coming back to San Diego from a road trip the other day. Nothing special- just visiting family. My roommate is a big music geek, and he always brings along different things like Polish swing rap to broaden my horizons. He pops in this CD by the New Galactic (of course I’ve never heard of them), which combines some funky New Orleans instrumental flair with bounce. Bounce is a call and response rap style, which originated from New Orleans and is being pioneered by the LGBT community. Sissy Nobby, Katy Red, and Big Freedia are the featured queer bounce artists on the Galactic CD, “Ya Ka May”, and have made significant contributions to the genre. These artists are by no means underground in the Crescent City, but well respected throughout the city’s music community. It’s amazing to see such an egalitarian art form, which supports queer people of color, evolve out of the South. With fingers crossed, I hope this level of acceptance will make its way into the mainstream media.New Orleans has risen from the ashes like a beautiful phoenix. Many cite Katrina as the inspiration to this amazing musical movement. So if you happen to be in New Orleans this Mardis Gras season, and want to truly delve into the local culture- check out and see if you can find a bounce show. In fact, you can catch all three sissy rappers this Valentines Day at the Hookah Club for just $15 at the door.-Brendan

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