Three cheers for New York.

While North Carolina and Mississippi continue to discriminate against the LGBT community and prevent transgender people from using the restroom that matches their gender identity, New York City has launched the #BeYouNYC campaign.

The campaign, announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York City Commission on Human Rights, affirms the rights of transgender New Yorkers and tourists to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity, regardless of their sex assigned at birth.

“Safe and equal bathrooms access is essential for everyone,” said Human Rights Commissioner and Chair Carmelyn P. Malalis. “And in New York City, it’s the law. Far too often, transgender people suffer bullying, harassment and violence for being who they are. These ads show that transgender people, like everyone else, have the right to use the restroom in peace.”

The series of videos and ads feature four transgender New Yorkers and encourage people to “look past pink and blue” and to “use the restrooms consistent with who you are.”

Kudos to New York City. For more on NYC tourism and to visit the properties that have thrown their support behind the LGBT community, click here.

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