By Jim Winsor, San Diego Pix

When news first broke a couple weeks back that New York promoter Ric Sena was bringing his legendary Alegria party on the road to Club Nokia in LA for Labor Day, the initial enthusiasm at this historic event was tempered by some degree of local discord.

The problem was that the party was originally scheduled for Sunday, September 4 … the same day as another legendary LA dance event, Brett Henrichsen’s Masterbeat Hard Labor 6 party at the Mayan Theatre.

And if there’s one thing SoCal party boys hate, it’s having to choose between competing major parties. The crowd is always split to some degree, with everyone wanting to be at the better-attended event; thus much angst ensues beforehand, with raging online debates as to what party everyone should go to. This was the situation in LA last year for Labor Day in fact, when the Masterbeat Hard Labor 5 party at Avalon went head-to-head with a Jeffrey Sanker party at Arena (the Masterbeat party came out on top).

So, once this schedule conflict was realized, complaints about the situation began and war was declared. DJ Paulo(one of the 3 DJs for Hard Labor) was particularly vocal, posting this comment on the Hard Labor event page on Facebook:

“I’m a big supporter of Alegria and its DJs (I’ve spun for them several times), but to barge in and compete against a home-grown party that has been 6 years in the making (especially when Saturday night was available to do a big event)? Big no-no. Support your home town LA and show them we don’t put up with this sort of behavior. Thank you and always appreciate you !! PAULO”

And after many such recriminations, and the commencement of general online hostilities backing one party or the other … it appears now that a peaceful settlement has been reached. The first-ever west coast Alegria party will now take place on Saturday, September 3. This from Ric Sena:

“In the past 11 years ALEGRIA received a lot of support from boys from all over California who came to New York City several times a year to enjoy our events. Alegria west coast fans always asked us to bring our event to their town and we are finally able to make it happen this Labor Day weekend in a fantastic venue in Los Angeles. Until last week there wasn’t another event announced for Labor Day Sunday in Los Angeles. Last Saturday, after we announced that Alegria was coming to Los Angeles it became public that another local party was also happening on Sunday.

ALEGRIA has always brought our community together in New York City and it is a place where the boys come to have a great time and enjoy their friends. Our intention remains the same in Los Angeles and we are committed to deliver the best possible event and always have in mind what is best for our community and Alegria fans. Our relationship with the management of AEG Live, owners of Best Buy Theatre in NYC and Club Nokia in LA, is great and after explaining to them the situation they were happy to try to accommodate a change of date for our event.

We were just told by the Club Nokia management that Saturday, September 3rd, is now the new date for ALEGRIA ANGELS & DREAMS TOUR – LOS ANGELES. Time, DJ’s and ticket prices remain the same. Tickets are being printed and will be available at our ticket outlets on Wednesday, July 27th. $60 Pre-sale tickets will go on sale this Sunday at 6AM pacific time.

We want to apologize for postponing the original pre-sale date. This was necessary since we had to wait a few days to hear from the venue if the event date change was possible or not. General admission tickets will go on sale as soon as pre-sale tickets are sold out.

Our intention is to contribute to a fun holiday weekend while bringing ALEGRIA to Los Angeles for its first west coast event. Many Alegria fans from around the country are coming to LA just for this special event and we want everyone to be able to join their friends wherever they decide to go. We hope everyone will enjoy Club Nokia. This is a fantastic venue and we believe it will be as perfect for Alegria in LA as Best Buy Theatre is in New York City.

We want to thank our supporters for all the great feedback we have been receiving through our site and Facebook page since we announced Alegria Angels & Dreamsin Los Angeles. Also thanks to all the businesses in LA helping us produce and promote Alegria in Los Angeles and a big thank you to Tom Whitman, a friend and successful LA promoter to whom I am honored Alegria is associated with in Los Angeles.

We are looking forward to a fantastic ALEGRIA in Los Angeles on Saturday, September 3rd. We hope to see you all there. More info at

See you on the dance floor,

Ric Sena"

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