At the 1982 World Aquatics Championships, Greg Louganis became the first diver in international competition to be awarded a perfect “10” from all seven judges. That is a great example of “7” being combined with “10”. A bad example of this combination is when airlines start putting “10” seats across a “777”. Ten donuts are better than nine as are ten pounds loss than nine – can you tell I am on a diet? But, in this case, cramming ten seats, just because you can, into a space made for nine – is just not a good idea. My hat goes off to Delta Air Lines for bucking the trend of adding more seats to their 777s. “The comfort of our customers—across all cabins—is a top priority. That’s why we’ve committed to remain at 9-abreast seating as we modify our 777s, versus the new norm of 10 across. With 9-abreast, we’re able to offer wider Main Cabin seats – the widest of our international fleet – and more preferable seat options.” said Delta spokeswoman Savannah Huddleston.

As a “customer” I like that someone is looking out for my “comfort”. In the spirit of honesty, I am a Delta Platinum Flyer and this year became a million miler – and Delta treats me pretty darn well (that is strong language for a Minnesotan). But It is not just the great flying experience Delta offers me, it is also their commitment to the LGBT community, whether it is in Buenos Aires, Brazil, or Boston. They have proudly displayed the Rainbow flag in Delta Sky Magazine and on the in-flight video monitors when recognizing Pride month, and their employees are visible in Pride Parades throughout the United States. “When you enhance each customer’s experience with an environment of respect and care, the results are a great experience. This is possible because pursuing diversity and promoting inclusion are part of Delta’s DNA,” said Maximo Echeverry—Delta’s Director for Multi-National Sales, Latin America and Caribbean. “The way in which we care for our customers is a reflection of how we care for each other as a family in Delta. It starts within. Delta fosters an environment where everyone can contribute their best attributes and enrich our corporate culture to take care of each other, our customers and our stockholders.”

So, when you are next flying on a 777 for hours and hours, isn’t is a good idea to choose the airline where less gives you more?

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