The OneOrlando Fund has begun disbursing most of the $29.5 million it collected on behalf of the victims of the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando and the families of the victims who were killed on June 12 will each receive $350,000.

According to the Associated Press, it will be up to the family members how that money is then divided. 

Money will be distributed to each of the 299 claimants. Thirty-seven people who required hospitalization will each receive between $65,000 and $300,000. Eight victims who were in the hospital for more than 24 nights will receive $300,000.

According to AP: “Another 31 injured patrons who required outpatient treatment each will get $35,000, and 182 patrons who were at the club but weren’t injured will each get $25,000.”

”We do have a number of disputes amongst families of the dead,” Alex Martins, Chair of the OneOrlando board, said. “It’s parents in dispute with a partner, who perhaps they didn’t know, or it’s estranged parents, claiming each one of them should receive the funds.”

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