Tony de Carlo is aself-taught artist and has been painting for 40 years.  As a teen, hebegan drawing and painting in blank journals on a daily basis as a sort ofvisual diary.  He abandoned the journals in his twenties and beganpainting on canvas, approaching each canvas like a page from his diary. At thattime, he met his gay art mentor who gave him direction and encouraged him topaint on a full time basis.  

Tony’s paintings areinspired by the people and mixing of cultures that have a special significancein his life. His friends and acquaintances, gardens, home and dogs are what heis surrounded by, what he knows most, and what he paints best. He will notpaint something or someone that is not a part of his life and doesn't holdmeaning for him. Tony’s work is most specifically about men. He never paintsanything sexual, but always strives to portray the sensuality of men, and letthe love or attraction he has for them come through the painting. Tony believesthat it would be much easier for him if he painted subjects with a broaderappeal, but he strives to stay true to himself and to the people he has knownin the LGBT communities across the United States.  

In 1992, Tony began aseries of paintings titled "Gay Marriage" which he adds to throughoutthe years. His most recent painting of the series is of a gay couple surroundedby the five different state flowers of the five states that legally recognizegay marriage. Tony has also done a series of over 25 paintings of SaintSebastian, which he started in the mid 1980s during the AIDS crisis. SaintSebastian became Tony’s personal Protector Saint against the disease, and alsoserved as his attempt to sensualize an icon of the Catholic Church and confrontthe church with their own images of gay desire while they publicly denouncedhomosexuality.

Since beginning hispainting career, Tony’s work has been in many museums and galleries across thecountry and in collections around the world, as well as printed in books,newspapers and magazines. He has alsoexhibited his work in several Latino Pride events in Los Angeles,and Gay Pride in West Hollywood, Long Beach, SanFrancisco and New Mexico.  Additionally, he has donated work toPAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support), Project Angel Food, Shanti, and many othercharities and gay arts organizations.

To see Tony de Carlo’sincredible work in person, visit his Dezart One Gallery in PalmSprings, or the Chimaya Gallery in Los Angeles where his workis being featured through July 25th in the exhibit called “Out and Out:Living and Loving, an Exhibition of Affirmative Identity”. In the meantime,get your Tony-fix at his website,or by checking out his recent magazine cover and publication.

FavoriteGay/Gay-friendly bar or club in Savannah: “The bar in The American Legion. On Fridays it is ‘Men's Night’ and the local gays take it over eachFriday.”

Favoritething to do in Savannah: “Take in the architecture and all of the art students,walk my dogs through the many parks, or go boating on the river to the ocean.”

Insider’s tip about Savannah: “On the first Saturday of each month, a gayperson or couple will host a ‘social’ at their home.  More than 100 gaypeople usually show up for food and drinks, and to meet one another.”

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