I had worked for thirty years. I put in my time and now I was ready to retire. I had had it with the hustle and bustle and was ready for some well deserved peace and quiet. Like Peter Fonda, I thought it would be nice to curl up in a cabin on Golden Pond and while away my days. I would fall asleep to the sound of crickets and not arise until I was good and ready. A breakfast of eggs and bacon would get me going and then I would walk to the small village near by and stroll through the streets to greet new found friends.Well, that was good for one year, and by the end of it, I thought I was going stark-raving mad! My friends and I had run out of new conversations. The streets rolled up their facades at 8:00 p.m., and I was starving for culture. Moving back to my former land was out of the question. The pace was too fast back home and too slow in my new home. Like Goldilocks, I yearned for just the right bed.But things did change….A friend invited me to visit a coastal town called Puerto Vallarta. It was larger than my sleepy pueblo, and yet, with a young heart promising new and improved dreams everyday. It didn’t hurt that it was only four hours away by car and one hour by plane.We visited the Banderas Bay area and sojourned to the incredible Vallarta Botanical Gardens with flowers, rivers and a restaurant/gift shop that offered delectable tid-bits. It was wonderful to see that people still took pride in creating a beautiful natural environment where others could drink in sunlight and floral beauty.Another day, we took a 20 minute bus ride to a zoo where I fed a cracker to a Bengal Tiger at the Puerto Vallarta Zoo. The animals were so well taken care of that six new babies of different species were born just last year alone. I was impressed by the pride of the employees in their task to manage a living environment for these precious creatures.The third surprise? The theatre. Santa Barbara Theatre had nightly performances that ran the gamut of entertainment. Talented people sang, danced and caused the audience to laugh out loud at every turn.Finally, there was the shopping. In addition to world class art galleries and artisan shops, Puerto Vallarta now has a Home Depot, Costco, Liverpool, and much more. If it’s not in this town, then you don’t need it!Sounds good, right? But what happens after the first year and the round of tourist stuff is done, you ask? Have no fear. I was introduced to a group of retired people that get together each month to enjoy dinner at a restaurant with good food and reasonable prices. Next, I met a group of fabulous people that raise money to assist talented children afford school in Puerto Vallarta. The group is known as Becas Vallarta and their fund raising events are fantastic. One example is the group’s popular Becas Breakfast, held at a different Puerto Vallarta restaurant every month. There is also a group raising money for needy animals and work to find them homes: The SPCA, Puerto Vallarta. The charity of the citizens is incredible! By the time I got back home, I was ready to pack up and move to Puerto Vallarta! In the best of all worlds, I would keep my lake home in order to return in the summer months. Either way, it became obvious to me that I needed to rethink my retirement. What I thought I wanted was not necessarily so and what I learned was a life saver. And as the saying goes, “the older you get, the more you need to learn.”The latest lesson I’ve learned is that there are people who want to rent my home when I am not in residence. Imagine, people paying me to live my dream come true! Anytime you want to talk and share your experiences and thoughts about your time in Mexico, feel free to call and chat: 01-322-294-0154 or, if you haven’t made the move to Mexico yet, dial 1-866-415-5757 Toll Free from the US. We are always looking for new friends to join us!This post was written by William Michael, who failed at staying retired and now works to assist people in finding their perfect home in Puerto Vallarta. His dream lives online at VallartaEscapes.com

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