Another success for BBCM! This year's Black and Blue festival was a "terrifically crazy night" according to Montreal residents Stephen and Jeff who attended the event on behalf of the team. 

As you may or may not know this is a camera free event but we don't think for a second we didn't get the deets!  Here's the dirty according to Stephen...

"I do not think I have danced that hard in a long time! We spent most of our night in the Trance room and although there were a ton of people we still had ample space to shake what our mamas gave us.  We danced so hard that I ended up ditching my shirt and joining all the other shirtless, even some pant-less party people. (which I didn't mind at all) Among the skin and hard bodied men were also some amazing costumes!  Everyone seemed to be in a unified ecstasy on the dance floor, normally I feel like the only crazy dancer but Jeff and I had some serious competition!  By the end of the night I made some new friends, had a missing shirt, a sweaty body, and even bumped into one of my college professors, shirtless and rocking some leather pants!" 

If you think that sounds hot just wait for BBCM's next event!

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