Girlie Circuit Festival 2011 in Barcelona was two different festivals – one for the guys and one for the girls. There was only one party which was a mixed event and that was the Water Park Day. When it’s a mixed event the reality is 80-90% guys, so there wasn’t a lot of eye candy for the girls. At 10pm there was a huge firework show (incredible!) which marked the end of Water Park Day and the event changed to Water Park Night. The Water Park Day/Night took place at Illa Fantasia and overall it was a great party, but I would probably not go next year because of the huge number of guys in speedos. The music was great though and it was fun standing in the water dancing.

The first “girls only” party was called Lezzgo! It was held at Razzmatazz on Wednesday evening. It was a small place and was quickly filled up. The two bands, Hache and La Quiero Viva, opened the party with amazing and energy packed shows. It was an intense atmosphere and the lead singer of La Quiero Viva made a special appearance when she took off her shirt and did a couple of songs topless, only adding to the intimate atmosphere. Afterwards Sioux DJ’s took over with the distinct sound of party in Barcelona – a lot of great music and a lot of hard bass.

Thursday was “Cabaret Party” at Cabaret Berlin and the main attraction was the sexy pole dancers. The four hot girls made sure the crows had a great time and the DJ’s Cuki D’Light, Rosario and Núria Scarp delivered an amazing show. The girls made a great entrance that made people cheer very loud. They were brought to the stage sitting in a chair which was moving over the crowd in some wires – it looked really cool, but it also looked rather difficult for the girls to get off the chair elegantly once they got to the stage.

Friday was “La Leche” party. As La Leche means milk, the theme encouraged people to wear white this evening. The place was a lot bigger than the previous places, and there was a lot more girls attending. There were dancers this night as well and of course some very talented DJ’s. Agatha Pher, Angela Elle and Vikki Red did their magic and Vanesa Klein played live which was a great experience.

The Main Party on Saturday was an incredible party. The DJ’s were Lydia Sanz, Gaia, C6lia and Moni-K who fired up the placed big time. 10 gogo dancers, hip-hop dancers and the special show with Mala Rodriguez made the party live up to its name of being the lesbian party of the year. It was held at Atic and like the other parties so far they went on from around 11pm – 5am.

On Sunday there were two parties. One was a VIP party which required a special invitation or a VIP-wristband. The theme was VIP Cocktail with a chic dress code and they dared people to bring their swim suit. The music was by Freestyle DJ. I attended the other party called Code Party. It was described as Hot Messages Night. When you arrived you got a number on a sticker which was put on your chest. The purpose was then to write messages to the other girls. If a girl got a message, her number would appear on a huge screen on the wall and she would have to collect the message at the entrance. Furthermore there were fetish dancers and a dark room. It was a completely dark room where you could either take someone with you for a good time or maybe hook up with someone in the dark if you dared. The music on this night was delivered by DJ’s Angela Elle and the gorgeous Núria Scarp.

Last but not least there was the Legend Party. It was 15 hours nonstop partying (11pm – 2pm) in 4 different areas. It was held at Row 14 near the beach and it was possible to party both inside and outside. There were a lot of DJ’s this evening: Sofia Deejay, Lydia Sanz, Monika Mass, Liz Mugler, Pelacha, Agatha Pher, Núria Scarp, Lady Eveling, Sioux DJs and Veronik La Tronk. Beside the awesome DJ’s Soraya Naoyin performed a live act and so did Chiqui Marti. Decadencia Group and Mako Pirotika & Diana Lucero also performed at this party.

Beside all the parties there were several day activities like a football tournament, cinema, lectures and more. All in all the Girlie Circuit Festival was an awesome event and I’ll definitely be back next year. This year was, as far as I know, the 8th time it was held. Hopefully girls from around the world will keep coming and making this the most amazing event in Europe for lesbians. God knows we need events which aren’t mixed

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