Rather than troddle back up the King’s Highway from Amman, I decide to take route five through what the Jordanian’s refer to as “the dead earth.” Good idea Kyle. Good. Idea. It seems the whole dead earth thing comes from the fact that the highway is lined with the remnants of what seems like hundreds of tires that burst along this scorched land expressway. That and the fact that minerals in the soil make it impossible for anything – anything – to grow.The really bizarre part of this drive (if that’s not enough) is the road signs that give a near constant countdown to the Iraqi border. It is easy to forget just how “neighborly” these small countries are. Just as the distance sign drops below twenty miles, the highway banks left through the ancient lands of desert castles and onward to Amman. We won’t be going to Iraq today, unfortunately.The magnificent Desert Castles thankfully offer enough inspiration. Serving as Crusader-era trading outposts as recently as 500 years ago, they appear to be nothing more than an extension of the sand beneath them.Our Jordanian adventure ends in Amman, Jordan’s sleepy yet delicious capital. While the country’s physical treasures may be concentrated north and south, their edible wonders are nestled comfortably at the top of one of the seven hills (except for Popeye’s, which is just off the freeway). From life-altering cupcakes to divine salads and falafel, Amman is a place to unbutton your pants and just let it all hang out, exactly what a traveling “ambassador” should do. More on the delicious eats of Amman soon!–Kyle Taylor

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