Save Big On Holiday Travel This Year

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years..  If there’s one gift you can count on getting during the holidays it’s the gift of travel stress and bills bills bills. Here are some tips to decreasing that stress and help lower those bills so you can focus on all the good things that make the holidays so special. 

When to buy your plane tickets:  A recent report by Budget Travel states that the best time to purchase airfare for Thanksgiving is about four weeks in advance, so if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, now is the time. By purchasing your tickets at least 4 weeks in advance you can save as much as thirty percent, according to Kayak's study of booking trends. To save about five percent on airfare for Christmas, be sure to purchase your tickets about three weeks in advance. If you wait till december to buy your plane tickets you are gonna pay much more, up to thirty percent more. 

Now that you know when to buy your tickets, you can save even more by choosing the right dates for your flights. Biggest way to save? Fly on Thanksgiving and Christmas day, just be sure to let your loved ones know you will be late for the festivities. The worst days to fly during Thanksgiving week are Wednesday and Sunday, the best days are Monday, Tuesday, Thanksgiving Day, or Friday. To save up to fifty percent, choose to fly on Christmas Day, when the majority of travelers have already arrived at their destinations and airlines drop their prices.  

Opt to travel early in the day and look for nonstop flights. You may often find that airfare is cheaper on earlier flights..yeah those 7am boarding times really do pay off. Look for nonstop flights during the holidays especially around Christmas and New Years as weather conditions are notorious for delays and layovers. The last thing you want is to be stuck in some airport and miss your New Years kiss!

Hauling a Santa Clause size load of gifts? Airlines are charging outrageous prices for baggage these days, save by choosing to deliver your gifts ahead of you via postal service or another mail delivery service. If you’re doing holiday shopping online, enter the delivery address of the place you are celebrating at. (Last year I did my Christmas shopping online and used my grandmas address as the delivery address since that is where we were celebrating that year, I asked her to put the packages aside as they arrived and then just wrapped them all when I got there.) If you are really trying to save money this is a great way to do it as most companies offer free shipping with purchases over a certain amount and then you won’t have to pay any additional costs for shipping your gifts after you’ve wrapped and and packed them for shipping again! 

Need a place to stay? Save big by staying at hotels that largely rely on business travelers such as Airport hotels, Courtyard by Marriott's, and Residence Inns. These hotels drop their rates during the holidays when business travelers are taking time off and they see a drop in business and try to lure people in with lower prices. Take advantage, many of these style of hotels have invested a lot of money in making themselves more desirable and offer far more amenities than in the past.

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