It’s been more than two decades since the first National Coming Out Day. Started as a way to encourage gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender men and women to embrace their identities, recent cases of anti-gay bullying has brought media focus and more reason for the LGBT community to show their pride. 

Within the past month, incidents of homophobic bullying triggered the suicides of five teenagers: Raymond Chase, 19; Tyler Clementi, 19; Billy Lucas, 15; Asher Brown, 13; and Seth Walsh, 13. Today, across the country, members of the LGBT community will meet at college campuses, centers and other places to tell their coming out stories and give the others the strength to do the same. 

Coming Out Day is also a celebration of our supportive straight Allies. Through solidarity we show that it’s ok for others to accept and embrace their true identities and send a message that violence against those brave men, women and even more tragic, children, will not be tolerated! 

At, we encourage you to share your coming out story with us! Our community is made up of so many amazing people all across the world. Each of you has a different story to tell. That story may be funny or difficult to tell, but most importantly, it could save someone’s life!

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