For the last 7 seasons, LGBT audiences have fallen in love with Shay Mitchell on “Pretty Little Liars.” Mitchell plays lesbian high-schooler (and, thanks to this season’s 5 year flash forward, young 20-something) Emily Fields, a tough competitive swimmer who frequently gets the girl when she’s not running in fear for her life from a serial killer.

But when she’s not filming the hit drama on FREEFORM, Mitchell is traveling the world, as well documented in her many instagram posts and on her YouTube series, “Shaycation.”

The 27-year-old actress recently and budding travel expert recently sat down with Glamour Magazine to share some of her favorite, never-before-seen travel pics and some of her top trips for seeing the world.

Here’s a few of our favorite pics along with what we think are two of Shay’s most valuable travel tips.

Save your adrenaline junkie moments for travel – “I’ve ticked off all of those bucket list moments (that my friends call me crazy for) while I was traveling. It makes the experience that much sweeter. I mean, sure, you can probably go skydiving not far from your backyard. But how cool is it to say ‘I went skydiving in South Africa’ or ‘I went hot air ballooning in Morocco’?”

Remember: Experiences are more valuable than tangible items. - “I’ve always preferred saving up money for trips rather than possessions. Traveling can change your perspective—and remind you to be grateful for the things you take for granted at home. We get so stagnant and comfortable in our own backyards, but when I look back on my life one day, I want to be able to say that I traveled the world. That’s why I created my YouTube channel: To show women that the world out there is an amazing place. So far, my favorite three destinations are Italy, because I swear I lived there in another life; Morocco, because I fell in love with the colors, food, and interior design of Marrakesh; and Africa, because I felt so grounded by the energy and beauty there. I can’t wait to see where I go next!”

Click here to see more of Shay’s incredible photos and learn more of her favorite travel tips. 

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