The best way to just let yourself be indulged and to get to know the city

By Tami Bibring

As in all modern, contemporary, big cities, when time and money are on your side, you have unlimited options to enjoy your stay and to get to know the city from the inside. Gay Tel Aviv is a city that has it all; from free events to invite only, from street food to fancy restaurants, from small hostel to grand hotels on the beach- just name it.

For a perfect, pampering, unforgettable, luxurious vacation in you should start by staying at one of the most amazing hotels in Tel Aviv, the David Intercontinental, which is located in the south of gay Tel Aviv, just a few steps from the beach, and from the old town of Jaffa. At the hotel you will find spacious rooms with all the modern facilities you might need, a spa and an outside swimming pool, overlooking the beach. You can also check Hilton hotel, on the other side of town and just off the Hilton beach (the gay beach of Tel Aviv) and the Independence Park (formally the gay cruising spot of the city), or, if you’d rather stay in a smaller, intimate, boutique hotel, you should check Eden House Premier, just in the center of town.

After you have settled in your hotel, it is time to grab something to eat. To choose a place to eat from the variety of gay Tel Aviv restaurants is not an easy mission, but for the first time in the city, you should defiantly go to Herbert Samuel, where you can zip champagne, taste some oysters and watch the sea that lies just beneath you. Now you are ready to explore the city! The best way for you to do that is, of course, with a special private driver that will take you to wherever you wish for. Tel Aviv is not that big of a city, so you can practically see it in one day, but to your comfort, you can take your time and do it slowly. Don’t miss the important attractions, such as Jaffa’s old city, Rothschild Boulevard, which is the heart of gay Tel Aviv, with many cute restaurants, small cafes and some artsy galleries, the farmer’s market at the new port, the beautiful promenade, Gan Meir (where is located the LGBT center), Ben Gurion Boulevard etc. You can take a private gay guide, which will lead you through the secret, most beautiful and interesting spots of gay Tel Aviv.

An amazing adventure is to rent a yacht or a small boat, with specialized staff, that will take you for a long sail in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. When the weather is good, you can sail for many hours, have to crew cook you a special private romantic dinner on board, while all you have to do is eat, drink and watch the sun goes down slowly to the water.

While visiting the city, make sure to taste some of the tasteful dishes around, served at the trendiest restaurants, such as Shulhan, Ehad Ha’am Tapas bar, Onami, Hotel Montefiory, Rotschild 12, Café Europa, Social Club, Yoezer bar Yain and many more. They are the top chef restaurants in town, which stand the level of the finest restaurants around the world.

For late night entertainment, you should go to one of the fabulous night clubs, or dance bars, such as the Oman 17, Zizi club, 17 Lounge (the new gay bar/ restaurant in town),  Bootleg and many more. It is best to ask at your hotel’s lobby what is going on in town that specific evening, because clubs may be closed and parties may be cancelled.

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