I woke up today to skies filled with snow! It looked like it was snowing cotton balls, which was so picturesque and charming. The snow wasn’t so delightful when walking around town though- I learned the hard way that snow melts onto clothes and makes them as wet as rain does so I highly recommend wearing many layers as well as something on your head. Once your outer layer gets soaked through you can take it off to dry once you are inside, and if you have a hat on your hair stays dry which keeps you warmer! Silly Southern-Californian, I am. Also, I realized that a great way to avoid puddles on the sidewalk is to walk on the Subway grates! Who would have thought?!

We beat the cold by stopping into Murray’s Bagels, which was one of the most satisfying bagels I have ever eaten. Cream cheese happens to be my favorite dairy product, and Murray’s offers more cream cheese flavors than I can conceive of. Because I am also a creature of habit as well as a Jew, I stuck with a good old lox bagel and definitely was not disappointed. The rest of my day was spend walking around Soho and getting a feel for this adorable part of the city. My favorite shop I stopped into was Market NYC, which is a sort of pop-up-shop style store that features various vendors selling clothes, jewelry, and accessories. I love stores like this because not only do they feature local artists and thus support local economy, but also they truly give you an excellent sense of up and coming underground fashion. Needless to say, I made more than a few purchases.

The biggest excursion came at the end of my day though, when I left the city and went back to JFK to meet up with my Birthright group. We had a red-eye flight into Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport but in spite of my sleepiness I was so eager to meet my fellow travelers. Before the semester ended, our staffers at Berkeley Hillel conducted various orientations for us to get to know one another, but the true test would be how we all navigate our group when left to our own devices. We had a long wait before boarding and waited in many lines on our way to the plane which provided me with tons of time to get to really get to know some of the people I was traveling with. By the time I boarded the plane, I already had a sense of who my close friends would be! It felt a little bit like kindergarden all over again, except with more swearing and tons of smiles.

For more information, visit http://www.thedefianceproject.com/defiance-travel-journal-day-2-dec-29th-2012-greenwich-village-and-jfk/

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