So, if you’re not in Boston on St. Patrick’s Day, you deserve to be pinched!  Dubbed by many as one of the most Irish—if not THE most Irish—city in the United States, this coastal metropolis is a shimmering pot o’ gold when it comes to celebrating the Feast of St. Paddy!  And if you don’t believe us, check out this list, which is sure to tickle your lucky charms.

Authentic Irish Cuisine

Okay, so let’s just jump the rainbow and get straight to what everybody cares about most: FOOOOOOD!  If you find yourself in the market for an authentic Irish meal but can’t get to a Dublin tavern, then Boston is the place for you! Whether your mouth is watering for a succulent piece of corned beef dressed with a heaping pile of cabbage and potatoes, or you just simply want to get blutered in the barrel (That’s Irish for beer wasted.), downtown Boston is thriving with a variety of buzzing Irish pubs serving up the best brews and stews in the country!  And when we say buzzing, we mean BUZZING!  Here, it’s not a strange thing—especially on St. Patrick’s Day—to wander into one of these joints and be overwhelmed by the swelling thrum of Irish drums or the sweet melodies of Gaelic folk music, just one more reason Boston is the real Irish deal.

St. Patrick’ Day Road Race

Sponsored by the South Boston Boys and Girls club since 1940, the St. Patrick’s Day 5K Road Race is just around the corner from the parade.  All the more reason to head over and sign up, right?!  Okay, okay; so running right after a big meal and one . . . two . . . eleven drinks don’t sound appealing.  Does free stuff change anything?  We thought so. 

As a way to thank participants for their support of Boston’s youth programs, the event gives free official long-sleeved race shirts to the first 650 runners to register!  So do some good, get in a bit of cardio, and get free stuff!

The Annual South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade

So, if you are filled to the brim with corned beef, cabbage, and beer, one of the best ways to unwind is by viewing the annual Boston St. Paddy’s Day parade! 

Famously known for being host to the oldest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the United States (first held in 1724), Boston is certainly America’s green machine.  However, since the seventeen twenties, there have been many colorful additions to the parade, which usually draws a yearly crowd of more than one million people (Holy shamrocks, Batman!).  This is why if you intend on viewing the parade, you will want to show up early to get a good spot somewhere along Broadway, the best place to see all the floats, musicians, balloons, etc.  This year’s parade begins at 1:00 PM in South Boston on Sunday, March 18.

P.S.:  Where green if you don’t want to be pinched pink.  Boston doesn’t mess around.

Irish History

If you pride yourself on being a bit of a history buff, Boston is THE place to be to discover some of America’s most beloved historical treasures, which of course includes a wealth of Irish heritage and influences.  Take a guided tour on Boston’s Irish Heritage Trail and encounter over 300 years of Irish-American history.  Over the course of 3 miles and 20 stops, you will enjoy the heart of Boston’s Irish roots, which include everything from its beginnings as a few refugees and immigrants to President John F. Kennedy.  More about this experience can be found at

Irish Film Festival

The Irish Film Festival in Boston has been celebrating the best of Irish cinema since 1999.  Now, eighteen years later, the Irish Film Festival is the largest tradition of its kind outside of Ireland. Still going strong, this year’s event will be held—as always—in Somerville, MA’s Davis Square, where it will honor Irish filmmakers with viewings of their work, bestow upon them awards (Best Film, Best Documentary, Best Short Fiction/Animation, Director’s Choice).  So, if you are a fan of independent films and all things Irish, head on over to the event!  Tickets can be purchased at

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