On Tuesday's "Colbert Report," the increased (and largely problematic) media coverage of the transgender community was in the spotlight. Stephen Colbert used his pulpit to make fun of transphobia that's been rearing it's ugly head lately.

Taking the position of a bull-headed conservative, he jokingly complained about the push to accept transgender people: "I put 49 years of working at being a dude, then some Joanie-Come-Lately says she's a Johnny, and suddenly I have to pay her the same as a man?"

He brought up Katie Couric's now-infamous gaffe, in which she asked Carmen Carrera, a transgender woman, about her private parts. Stephen thinks that genitals should be fair game for talk show hosts for one reason. "I wouldn't have a show if I couldn't mention my balls," he said. "They are my co-hosts: Kathie Lee and Hoda."

But Colbert reserved his most pointed mockery to Piers Morgan, who hit back at the transgender community after he made some clumsy remarks during an interview with Janet Mock, a trans woman author. He was roundly criticized, and demanded that Mock explain why he was targeted. Colbert pointed out that only Piers Morgan could spin it so that he was the victim here.

He summed up many peoples' reluctance in accepting those who have transitioned from male to female: "It's not enough to treat them like women. Now we have to treat them like human beings."

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