Looking to really feel free? Maybe a nude beach is just the trick! California's golden coast is littered with more nude beaches than most might be aware of. We have narrowed down the top gay nude beaches for you so if you're looking for place to skinny dip in the Pacific Ocean amongst other gays, take a look below. 

Bakers Beach, San Francisco

Bakers Beach, on the northwest part of the peninsula just south of the Golden Gate Bridge. This beach can get crowded so if you're a first timer and feeling nervous to bare all, this could be a bit much for you. Bakers Beach is very popular with gay San Franciscans, there is typically a fun crowd of locals out and about enjoying their time in the sun when the San Francisco weather is best.

Blacks Beach, San Diego


Without a doubt this beach is so gay they should go ahead and make it official and put up a sign, "Gays Only!" That's just about all you will find here, beautiful southern californians basking in the nude. More often than not there is a frisbee game going on and gays of all ages come to enjoy the beach. It is very secluded and can be tricky to find, not to mention it involves a bit of a hike down and back up a steep cliffside. But if you can make the journey you will be glad you did. 

Bonny Doon, Santa Cruz County

Bonny Doon Beach has a reputation for being a peaceful and relaxing beach. It has become more known for being a gay nude beach in recent years and it is the type of beach where you won't be bothered if you don't want to be and can just truly relax. A great spot for a first timer nervous about going nude. It is a good idea to keep your shoes on or wear a good pair of sandles as there are many rocks and even broken glass here.

Gaviota Beach, Santa Barbara County

Gaviota Beach is a solitary beach protected by high cliffs. It is in a state park and the nude beach section is a couple of miles from the main park. Gay sunbathers tend to stay furthest down the beach from the entry point.

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