By Ross von Metzke 

The Happiest Place on Earth doesn’t seem so happy these days, what with nearly 100 cases of measles linked to the Southern California theme park.

And while medical professionals are advising parents with kids who have not been vaccinated for measles to stay away from Disneyland until they can get this outbreak under control, it goes without saying that thousands of people are still flooding the theme park on a daily basis.

So rather than reiterate what every major news outlet is reporting on a daily basis, we decided to turn our attention to something a bit more upbeat — an Instagram account that will surely bring a smile to your face.

The DILFs of Disneyland is not new (hence the #tbt), but they post new photos of attractive “dads” enjoying the theme park with their kids on a daily basis. So whether you’re steering clear of Anaheim until the health scare blows over or you’re just looking for something to pass the time between conference calls, might we suggest spending some time with this oldie but goodie feed of photos.

If you ask us, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

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