Spring is coming and it's time to store yours coats, wear your shorts and get wild in one of Tel-Aviv’s top 5 parties!

Arisa- If you're planning on visiting Tel-Aviv soon, make sure that ARISA party is going on.
The first oriental gay party takes place once a month, generally at the Comfort 13 club, attracts gays from all-over the country and hosts a different oriental artist each party. Lately, they have started combining a colorful ceremony taken from the Israeli's wedding culture- The Henna- which makes this night totally unforgettable.

FFF – Shirazi's eternal line usually happens every second Friday at Haoman 17, and plays house music till the sun rises. The FFF is being named as Tel-Aviv’s best gay party almost every year – with magnificent decoration, breath-taking performances and muscular guys and it just keeps getting better. No wonder it owns the throne.  

Dreck- Great electro-pop music and gorgeous guys are the reason why Tel-Aviv's weekend starts on Wednesday night. The party-line became the city-talk almost overnight hosting different DJ's who makes the dance floor moves.

Forever Tel-Aviv – 6 years had passed since "Forever Tel-Aviv"’s first party, and its still considered as one of Tel-Aviv's finest parties. "Forever Tel-Aviv" hosts the well-known Israeli DJ, DJ Offer Nissim, who produces house music in mostly tribal, hard and progressive styles, and who had remixed a large repertoire of artists. These parties’ productions are always shiny; combining local artists and talents and makes the night larger than life.

PAG – This electro-house music party line started his way 8 years ago, and moved between 5 different clubs, till today, when it’s finally located at the ZIZI club. The party line usually happens every second Friday. The party owners always put all their efforts to turn every party to a night-to-remember; Different DJ's from all over the world , spectacular and unique production in each party, and sleazy-underground feeling that words definitely cannot tell  makes the PAG a must  try, even if you're straight.

Written by Liron Levy, travel agent at "Gayway"- Gay Tel- Aviv

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