You know what’s really cool? When a for-profit organization gives back to charity, especially during these economic conditions.Gay travel company Spirit Journeys, which is known for its spiritual- and community-focused gay retreats, is doing just that.All proceeds (yes, 100%) from sales of its new clothing line, SpiritWear, are going toward the SpiritFund Scholarship program. The program was set up to help people who might not otherwise be able to afford it attend a Spirit Journeys workshop.The SpiritWear line mainly consists of t-shirts, hats and jewelry. The shirts are great, if you’re not into flashy graphic tees. A simple logo is what you get, but it’s just enough. Life needs a little less clutter anyway. Probably a sentiment shared by the owners of Spirit Journeys themselves.I like the Lapis and Antique Silver Bracelet. Combining the deep blue of the lapis with the antique stones was a great idea by artist Christopher Caramelli, as lapis tends to mix well with other stones. According to the Spirit Journeys Web site, lapis beads are thought to bring inner power, intuition, creativity, virility and manifestation. And, frankly, who couldn’t use some of that?Go Spirit Journeys!

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