We are so honored to accept the ABC Blogger Award, given to us by Carlos Melia. This award, the Awesome Blog Content Award is given by awesome bloggers to their six favorite blogs, and we were lucky enough to make it! So we would like to thank Carlos Melia for nominating us, and we urge you to check out his amazing blog! So now, as part of the award, we are supposed to describe our blog with each letter of the alphabet. Instead, we have decided to give you some awesome alphabetical places and events! So here goes nothing!

A- Athens, Greece (History and relaxtion all in one vacation!)
B- Buenos Aires, Argentina (Check out Carlos Melia's latest blogs about this Latin American hot spot!)
C- Cape Town, South Africa (Only place gays can marry in Africa!)
D- Dominical, Costa Rica (Excellent getaway spot)
E- Edinburgh, Scotland (Can't beat that accent!)
F- Follies (For all of our theater-lovers!)
G- Gay Wine Weekend (Soak up the sun - and the booze - while touring beautiful Sonoma)
H- Hong Kong, China (Land of the biggest, longest, and tallest!)
I- Ibiza, Spain (An island of non-stop partying? Yes please!)
J- Jersey Pride (Guidos aren't the only ones who know how to get attention!)
K- Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival (Helping improve India's view of the LGBT community through film)
L- Las Vegas, Nevada (See you there for Gay Days!)
M- Manchester, England (It's called MANchester for a reason!)
N- New Delhi, India (But save your trip here until the winter, summers can be killer!)
O- Orlando Black Gay Pride (First week in June! Mark your calendars!)
P- Pensacola, Florida (Place to be this Memorial Day Weekend!)
Q- Queenstown, New Zealand (Just the place for all you queens!)
R- Riviera Maya, Mexico (Want a Mexican vacation without all the tourists? This is the place for you!)
S- San Diego, California (Duhh! We live here!)
T- Toronto, Ontario (They have Pride too!)
U- Uruguay, South America (Hit up Punta del Este for a paradise vacation!)
V- Venice, Italy (From the canals to the clothes, this place is all culture!)
W- Whistler, British Colombia (Perfect for the outdoor gay!)
X- XLSIOR Festival (located in Greece, this is the second biggest gay festival in the world!)
Y- nYc, New York (Ok, so we couldn't think of anything for Y, give us a break!)
Z- Zurich, Switzerland (Their Pride is coming up in the middle of June!)

And here are the six blogs we love and think are ABC worthy that haven't yet been recognized! You guys are all great!

1. BreakTheIllusion.com 
2. Unicornbooty.com 
3. UpUpandAGay
4. SinCityTimes.com 
5. BoyButterBlog
6. HonestOmissions 

Thanks again Carlos for nominating us, and be sure to check out these wonderful bloggers, and be sure to keep up with our blog, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook posts!

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