By Eyal Feldman
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From Sants Estacion in Barcelona we booked tickets on the high speed train from Barcelona to Spain's beautiful capital, Madrid. The Alta Velocidad Española or Spanish High Speed is a service of high-speed trains operating at speeds of up to 300 km/h (186 mph) on dedicated track in Spain. Normally I would fly from Barcelona to Madrid in under an hour, but this train arrives in under 3 hours and you get to view the gorgeous Spanish countryside the whole way. It is comfortable, spacious, and a fun way to travel, plus it drops you right into the center of the city so it seems a bit more efficient and slightly cheaper than flying. Once you arrive in Madrid you are in a big beautiful city which is the hub and heart of the Spanish speaking world. Beautiful neo classical buildings, museums and landmarks dot much of the center of the city which is alive with a hearty mix of locals and tourists. Whether you want to wander around the legendary Prado Museam with the wall to wall classical art, statuary, and other exhibits or wander through the green and lush Park of Madrid, there is always something to do or see. I always make sure to visit the Chueca neighborhood is the biggest and best Gayborhood in all of Europe today with great nightlife of many clubs and bars, retail stores and just plenty of places to enjoy some Spanish food and wine. 

AVE or High Speed Train in Spain
Parked High Speed Train in Madrid upon Arrival
Standard cruising speed 301 km/h or 187 mph, not bad
Biblioteca Nacional or National Library
Casa de America or House of America
Front entrance to Museo Prado
Back of Prado Museum
The Three Graces at the Prado
Brendan at the Park of Madrid or Parque de Madrid
Fountain at Parque de Madrid
13th Century Royalty in Spain
El Rey Ataulfo or King Ataulfo, a 5th century Spanish ruler
El Rey Eurico or King Eurico, a 5th century rule
El Rey de Mantequilla or The King of Butter, present day
Palacio Real desde jadrin Sabatini or Royal Palace from Garden of Sabatini
Estoy enfrente de Palacio Real, Me in front of the Royal Palace
Catedral Nacional or National Cathedral
 St. Paul the father of Christianity
St Peter or Christianity's holder of the keys to the gates of Heaven
Office of Foreign Business Affairs
Brendan in Plaza Mayor
Church outside Parque de Madrid or Madrid Park

                                                                                           Fountain in the smaller Plaza de Espana 

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