Nobody likes tan lines! If you’re looking for a great spot to get your nude on, here’s our listof great spots to enjoy the sun and stares.

10.  Tamarama Beach (Sydney,Australia) 

Tamarama livesup to its nickname, “Glamarama.” Beautiful ocean views and luxurious seaside mansions provide greatviews, along with the sun-kissed Aussies. After you leave the beach, throw on a Speedo and explore some of thecafes and restaurants nearby.

9.  Haulover Beach (Miami, FL)

This legendary haven is mostly a hangout for men, but you willalso find lesbians and straight revelers camping out too. Rent a chair orumbrella from Boucher Brothers or lay a towel in the sand like the localsdo.  You’re sure to love the view of the shoreline and the tan, fithotties that frequent it.  No trip to Miami would be complete withoutchecking out this sun-kissed paradise!

8.  Wreck Beach (Vancouver,Canada)

It’s kind of a hike to get to this sandy oasis in VanCity, but well worth it.  Nudityis allowed and encouraged at this remote spot of Pacific Spirit Regional Park,which can be accessed from the Wreck Beach Trail Loop.  There’s no betterplace to check out the British Columbia’s natural beauty

7.  Oval Beach(Saugatuck, MI)

Known as the “Provincetown of the Midwest,”Saugatuck is home to Oval Beach, a bastion of the LGBT community.  Theunspoiled dunes of Lake Michigan's eastern shore and the back dunes area ofOval Beach make this the perfect spot for sunbathing in the nude.

6.  Hippie Hollow(Austin, TX)

A well-known nude swimming hole for decades, Hippie Hollow is remote section of the shoreline of Lake Travis.  The areabecame more popular in the 1960s due to the cultural changes of that era and afterWoodstock, the nickname ‘Hippie Hollow’ was born. 

5.  Fire Island (FireIsland, NY)

You can’t leave Fire Island  withoutenjoying the beach. After basking in the sun, dive into the AtlanticOcean.  Fire Island is separated from Long Island by a series ofinterconnected bays and automobiles are only permitted on the east and westends.  You can get anywhere you need to go by boat, sea plane or ferry(either Bay Shore or Sayville).  While hundreds of thousands of touristsfrequent this quaint haven in the summer, Fire Island has a permanentpopulation of just about 500 people, so there’s plenty of natural beauty tobehold beyond the Chelsea boys.

4.  Farme Beach (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 

Popularized by the song “The Girl from Ipanema,” this world-famousbeach gives foreign visitors a sense of life in Rio, displaying a cross-section ofdifferent lifestyles, chic boutiques and eateries set against luxuriousapartment buildings.  The gay spot at Ipanema Beach is east of Rua Farmede Amoedo, between Posto 8 and 9.  You can´t miss it!  There arerainbow flags and Ken look-a-likes everywhere.  You don’t have to be intop shape to join the fun. 

3.  Baker Beach (San Francisco, CA)

The original home of the legendary Burning Man festival istoday a hotspot for sunbathers.  Thenorthern section is where nudists gather and still around into the evening andyou’ll see a magnificentsunset with a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

2.  Black’s Beach (San Diego, CA)

It’s a workout to have to hike down the mountain to get there, butdefinitely worth it.  Black’s Beach is not only San Diego’s only clothing optional beach but one of the mostbeautiful sections of the SoCal coastline.  It is hit or miss with the hotbods, like most clothing optional beaches, but there is a fun vibe and you canget away with drinking here. 

1.  Little Beach (Maui,HI)

Don’t let the name fool you!  This popular clothing optionalspot is about one mile south of the Makena Beach and Golf Resort in south Maui.  Walk to the beach, turn right,and hike over the promontory at the end to "Little Beach." The farend is the gayest and the bevy of bronzed guys and gals is definitely worth thetrek.

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