Romance is heightened on a cruise. Perhaps it has something to do with gliding over the turquoise waters. Or is it the awe-inspiring starry nights?  
Perchance it's the way moonbeams bounce upon the waves?  
Maybe it's more scientific than that and it's the positive ions released by the oceans?  Whatever the reason, romance is palpable onboard and that is why proposals, engagement parties, showers, weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries are especially memorable when celebrated on a cruise.
What better time than Valentine's Day to imagine the most romantic ways a cruise can nurture that budding relationship?

Come with us as we count down the top 10 most romantic cruise destinations and see for yourself why sailing into new destinations with that special someone can be as exhilarating and as exciting as falling in love!  And, when you're planning your next vacation, remember that the ship itself can be the most romantic destination of all!

10. Bermuda 
Known for its fantastic blend of cultures and picturesque sunsets, Bermuda is a slice of heaven. Take a walk along the beach and draw a heart in pink sand with your Valentine while the sound of authentic reggae touches your soul.

9. Bahamas 
The Bahamas is increasingly gay-friendly. Although full protection is not yet part of the law, there is still a lot of public support for equal rights. You’ll be dazzled by breathtaking views, no matter which island you choose!

8. Prince Edward Island 
Situated in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, just east of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island is a quaint little Canadian Province known best for its red sand beaches, lush landscape, and its abundance of the finest seafood. It’s a perfect hideaway to spend Valentine’s Day with your honey when all the other couples are booking travel to the Caribbean.

7. St. Thomas 
The most populous and urban of the US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is a one-stop shop for fun, beaches, and relaxation. Just minutes from St. John and about an hour from St. Croix, St. Thomas offers a variety of options for your Valentine’s Day getaway.

6. Malta 
Malta is full of glistening sandy beaches, perfect weather, shopping centers, and a rambunctious nightlife, and the attitude toward the LGBT community is fairly positive. You will feel perfectly at home with your Valentine in this Mediterranean paradise.

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