By Leo Josh

When a mention of the term "Miami" is made, the first thing that comes to one's mind happens to be the beach. Mile-long stretches of sparkling water at the edge of the golden sand with its exotic collection of celebrity-studded hotels frequented by tanned tourists wanting to revel in the non-stop nightlife of Miami, these glamorous images get surpassed only by the ironic reality of the situation. Extending from the South Beach to the North Beach, Miami is a legendary resort destination that has set high the golden standards for hospitality and has yet constantly renewed and renovated to catch up with the latest wave of expectations from its visitors.

1. Miami Beach and its visual distinction

The beaches in Miami offer more than just the traditional sun and sand and encompass world-renowned art galleries, first class hotels with world-famous nightlife, a dining facility that is second to none, designer shopping destinations and a totally unique style of architecture that sets it apart as a region that is visually distinctive from the rest.

2. Advent of Art-Deco Building Style

Miami attained its legendary status primarily with the advent of Art-Deco style architecture. When the Art-Deco style hotels and apartments of the South Beach were first established in the early years of the twentieth century, they looked at the ocean lined up like rows of jewel boxes with their style of geometric ornamentation that was a clear definition of the Art-Deco style era. At present this district stands out as a must-see attraction for tourists. The Espanola way along the South Beach offers an altogether different architectural style based on the romantic Mediterranean French and Spanish villages and houses a large number of charming bistros and outdoor cafes.

3. The Miami Culture-Museums and a memorable bite

Besides some famous and illustrious museums such as the Bass Art Museum and Jewish Museum, the South Beach area of Miami is also well-known for its large collection of art galleries. These galleries can be found almost everywhere but it is best if one concentrates only on the area around Lincoln Road. The Lincoln Road is a promenade built specially for pedestrians and stretches across the South Beach with its unique offering of shops, innumerable cafes along the sidewalk and an ever-flowing buzz of tourists and locals alike. South Beach is the home to such feeding frenzy, offering a dish that suits every appetite be it down-home or upscale, pan-fried or pan-Asian, fusion cuisine or haute cuisine. From seasonal succulent stone crabs to the all-American burgers, Miami Beach’s serve up delights from almost every continent. One can find a world-renowned restaurant to suit their culinary moods while some may also be lucky enough to know about the out-of-the-way eateries.

4. Clubs, bars and lounges-The flavours of Miami nightlife

For those interested in experiencing the zest of Miami nightlife, it is not advisable to eat and run around on the South Beach. Clubs and lounge bars, where the party is on every night, have given Miami its well-deserved reputation of being the hottest nightlife destination in the world. South Beach offers itself as the velvet rope that every visitor wants to cross, with clubs humming on till the wee hours of morning as the dozens of establishments offer multiple options for the excited crowds. While many would prefer a night-long dance after an early dinner, for many the show begins only when the stage is set on fire at one of the many live performance venues in the region.

5. Beach Parks, for the quieter ones

Many may consider the ocean to be their primary destination in Miami. For these people, there are a number of beach-based parks that offer for special activities to enliven the experience of going down to the waters; South Pointe Park is one such place. Having undergone recent renovation, this beach offers a great spectacle of cruise ships sailing out onto the open sea.

6. Getting around to Miami

Miami can be reached from any part of USA by rail, road or air as it boasts of a significant connectivity. So having a drive with your own car with DVLA contact number in order to establish their credentials and eligibility of travel. Having this authorisation, which comes at a small fee, ensures that a person can enjoy a happy stay in the country and not be subject to unwanted allegations and harassments. So for all those planning to go and explore around the beaches in Miami, it is recommended that they get their travel authorisations before setting out to have a smooth trip and enjoy their moment on the golden sands in Miami.

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