The crosswalks, a symbol of LGBT pride, are now a permanent installation in Toronto's gay village.

Toronto joins West Hollywood and San Francisco's Castro neighborhood in adding a splash of pride to its streets. Toronto's new rainbow crosswalks are located at two core intersections: Church and Alexander street, and Church and Isabella, and are the perfect prelude to Toronto's WorldPride 2014 celebration. The crosswalks will welcome the city's tens of thousands of expected visitors, as will the 250 streetpole banners that accompany them.

"The banners and rainbow crosswalks funded by the City of Toronto reflect the hard work, support and cooperation fostered between city officials, Pride Toronto and the community," Pride Toronto's executive director, Kevin Beaulieu said in a press release.

Toronto City council approved the installation back in February with votes in favor of the crosswalks from every city official except for disgraced mayor Rob Ford and his brother, Doug Ford.


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