Every year Trip Advisor asks its readers to vote for the top 25 travel destinations. We will discuss the 2018 winners over the next few months. Every two weeks we will rate five of them by how LGBT friendly they are and by just how fabulous they are. And because you look to us for advice – a few tips to make your trip even better.

Please enjoy #1 through #5!

#1 Paris, France

Yes – never boring, always something to do, LGBT or other. This year Paris will host Gay Games 10 making “Gay Paree” even gayer. Paris has great hotels and restaurants at just about every price point imaginable. LGBT – friendly “oui oui oui” -whether it is bars, restaurants, bookstores, or just meeting people.  GT Tips: Think off-season – November through February. It’s a great time to shop and enjoy holiday festivities. The Paris subway is one of the best: its trains run frequently and are very affordable – so when looking for hotels try some of the outlying hotels in the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th “arrondissements.”

#2 London, United Kingdom

They put on great weddings. Their English is good. The city has added so many new attractions over the last 10 years and never stops adding more. The food is now world class and the shopping always has been. LGBT friendly – about as good as it gets anywhere in the world. GT Tips: Oxford and Cambridge are great “day away” trips when you want to soak up some history and sip tea in historic surroundings. Being university towns they both offer great cultural offerings including plays, concerts, and beautiful church music (for free!).

# 3 Rome, Italy

They do not call it “la dolce vida” for nothing. You can wander through 3 millennia of history here and never get tired – but when you do there is no place like Rome for sipping coffee or working your way through an incredibly well made Italian lunch made with the finest fresh ingredients. Or just a simple, but incredible pizza with that perfect slightly burned crust and melted mozzarella with a glass of Chianti. In a traditional sense (bars, night clubs, cafes) Rome is not quite as “LGBT” as many other European cities. GT tips: Wander. This is a city to walk in. Take the time to visit the forum, or St. Paul’s Outside the Wall, as well as a quick trip to see the fascinating architecture of the E.U.R. which was Mussolini’s planned city just southeast of the city. Read up on who and who was not LGBT in ancient Rome before you go.

#4 Bali, Indonesia

Bali is fantastic – and the most LGBT friendly place in Indonesia – but things for the Indonesian LGBT community have gone from bad to worse over the last year. This year the government introduced a bill to criminalize homosexuality. Although it has been put on hold we highly recommend that you check online for updates about the legality of homosexuality before you go. Of note is that Google pulled several of its LGBT dating apps at the request of the government. GT Tips: If you still want to go here – check for up to date information as to your safety.

#5 Crete, Greece

Crete is nature at her best. You will want to take time to explore the diversity of the landscape: rugged mountains, endless beaches and azur seas. When you are done with nature, there is no better place to discover true Greek culture and hospitality than in its cities, towns and especially villages. This is NOT Mykonos and LGBT nightlife is rare and in many cases non-existent. GT Tips: Get a group of adventurous friends and take three or four days here after the madness of Mykonos.

The Top 25 Destinations in the World, According to TripAdvisor

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