Transportation Security Administration is officially changing their screening practices to better accommodate LGBT couples after various incidents when partners had been unneccesarily seperated. During the past few months, LGBT couples had been asked to seperate from their partners and children by security and airline personell, not recognizing the legitimacy of a gay partnership. This has primarily happened in Latin American countries heading back to the United States, although discrimination is certainly not limited to these locations and reported circumstances. After finding support from fellow passengers, many of these couples recieved compensation for their discrimination but not without an intense fight with administrative authorities. 

After many iterrations of this sort of experience, this response was published by TSA: “TSA has communicated to our Corporate Security folks that they are working on a technical change to its directive, and that pending that change, we can immediately begin screening same-sex spouses together. We are working on communicating this change in procedures to our stations ASAP.

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