With the hustle and bustle of daily life, vacations are about escaping our routines and recharging our energy. And yet, we often plan trips that are full of busy agendas, stressful sightseeing and overeating. While any destination, with the help of a more enlightened mindset, can be a vacation for the soul, some locations lend themselves better to soul charging than others.
To that end, here are my top picks:

1. Sedona, Arizona. Said to contain a number of energy vortexes, Sedona Arizona is the Mecca of new age devotees. I’d be willing to bet that Sedona boasts more tarot card readers, spiritual masseuses, meditation gurus and crystal healers per square inch than any other place on earth. If you have an open mind, experiencing this desert locale can be quite the adventure. Of course, the amazing scenery and breathtaking canyons aren’t bad either.


2. Big Island, Hawaii. Much like Sedona, Hawaii’s biggest island (the main city is Hilo) is said to be intersected by a “ley line” of energy that is among the most powerful to cross a landmass. Author William Chiles talks about the location as a doorway where “the density of three dimensional reality seems to be very thin" and the energy is “very unusual.” The Hawaiian Islands are among the planet’s newest land, and when visiting the islands, I couldn’t help but get a renewed sense of vitality and bliss. It’s magical.

3. Machu Picchu. Long before the Incas, Machu Picchu was acknowledged to be—and used as—a spiritual site. It’s often triangulated on grids with Hawaii and Easter Island, and is said to be home to a unique magnetic and electric double vortex. While believers cite numerous ghostly tales and even stories of extraterrestrial influence, there’s no doubt that Machu Picchu makes for a fantastic destination full of dramatic geography, adventures and wonderful memories.


4. Ojai, California. If you’re looking for something closer to home, a trip to Ojai is unrivaled. With more spiritual retreat centers than anywhere else in the United States, something special is happening in Ojai. In fact, back in 1922, the great Indian mystic, J. Krishnamurti, underwent one of the most famous enlightenments in history while living in Ojai. Today, the foundation that he created is one of the leading retreat centers. Maybe you’ll have your enlightenment, too?

5. Ayers Rock, Australia. Also known as Uluru, this large sandstone rock formation is sacred to the Aboriginal people. It is said to be an epicenter of healing and the receiving of spiritual insights. Because of its sacredness, the local people ask that visitors do not climb the rock—though, disrespectfully, many still do. And there are numerous reports that those who take rocks from the formation are cursed—so don’t try your luck.

If your soul is pleading for a vacation, these options are a surefire bet. Of course, this list is far from exhaustive; there are so many soul-charging destinations on this magnificent planet—so listen to your heart for some inner guidance.


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