July 24, 2018 was National Tequila Day and what better place to celebrate than on location at the 2018 GayTravel Approved Luxury Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa in Rancho Santa Fe, California just outside of San Diego.  Rancho Valencia has also been a partner of GayTravel.com for many years, welcomed our GayTravel Guru Mark Vogler on a wellness and wine visit, and is recognized as the 2017 GayTravel Awards Winner for US Luxury Hotel.

The GayTravel.com team was on hand to celebrate the day and learn about the rich and storied history of Tequila Fortaleza which is a five generations-old brand that was being ceremoniously served in honor of National Tequila Day.

First, we learned a little bit about tequila itself…
Made in the small, Mexican town of Tequila which is west of Guadalajara in Jalisco (same region of Mexico as Puerto Vallarta). Tequila is made from the blue agave plant and was originally known as mezcal wine.

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    Tequila Fortaleza produces three types of tequila all of which are made from 100% blue Agave:  Blanco, or white, also called Silver is stored in stainless steel tanks;  Reposado, or rested, is aged in oak barrels for six months; and Añejo, or aged, is aged in oak barrels for 18 to 24 months.

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    The agave plant takes between 8 and 12 years to grow and harvest. In Latin, agave means illustrious, admirable, and noble which makes tequila all the more civilized to sip. Tradition in America is to drink tequila as a shot with lime and salt, but true aficionados, enjoy it best as a sipping spirit

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    One such connoisseur was our host, Mitchell Wolf, US Brand Ambassador, Tequila Fortaleza. Mitchell was holding court in Rancho Valencia’s beautiful courtyard replete with outdoor dining and a traditional Adobe outdoor fireplace.  Mitch explained to us what sets Tequila Fortaleza from the 100s of tequila varieties: WATCH VIDEO FOR AN OVERVIEW OF TEQUILA FORTALEZA 

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    Just off the courtyard - in the Pony Room of Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa - you will discover a hidden gem of food and adult beverages. In fact, Tequila Fortaleza is just one of over 100 variations of tequila that you can enjoy along with delicious cuisine uniquely presented on serving pieces like reclaimed wine-barrel boards, cast-iron, and slate.

Whether you are staying at Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa or just visiting after an amazing day at the races in nearby Del Mar, be sure to be seen sipping Tequila Fortaleza at this GayTravel.com award-winning resort.


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