Summer camp’s not just for the rich bullies and chubby underdogs from some ‘80s movie. Today, summer camp is for the LGBT crowd. If you want to have fun, make friends, laugh your butt off and actually, FINALLY disconnect from your phone for a bit, you need to head on up to Camp Camp. Roll up your sleeping bag, hide your contraband and get ready to meet your camp crush.

Camp Friends Are the Best Friends

You learn this when you’re 13 and it holds true in adulthood: camp friends are the best friends. Bonds were instantly formed over bug juice in the mess hall when you were a kid and you always made sure to get each others’ address and promised to write every week when you got home. At Camp Camp, a gay getaway for the LGBT crowd, you can form those same bonds at the camp wine bar and... uh, become Instagram besties as soon as you’re back somewhere with cell service.  

You’ll Laugh Your Butt Off

What’s more fun than dozens of LGBT folks lip syncing their hearts out or hollerin' at a good old-fashioned hoedown? Nothing, that’s what! When you get to Camp Camp, it’s going to be non-stop laughs for the whole week. Talk about putting a positive new spin on those miserable childhood camp memories. (Or are we just projecting here?)

Delivers a (Much Needed) Digital Detox

You need to turn off your phone. Seriously. Summer camp is the perfect opportunity to go on a digital detox. You won’t even miss it. We promise. Swap social media for skinny dipping, email for improv and your calendar for Capture the Wig, a way more exciting version of capture the flag. Set your DVR to record Drag Race before you leave and you won’t miss a thing.

Camp Camp Offers a Great Value

The best thing about camp (aside from the amazing people) is that it has everything you want from a vacation all in one place. Delicious food? Got it. Ridiculously fun things to do? Camp Camp has everything from yoga and massage to blacksmithing and pajama parties. You’re not going to find that kind of variety on any other kind of vacation. Trust us, we've looked. 

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