Most people plan their annual traveling over the summer, but fall is arguably a superior season for gettin' your travel bug on. Kids are back in school, the summer spike in tourism is over and things are generally, well, nicer. If you’re the type to shun the crowds and lay low, start planning your autumn trip now so you can squeeze every ounce of vacay you can from the off-peak season.

A Fun Wind-Down from Summer

If summertime fills you with the warm fuzzies, the end of the season can be straight-up depressing. Having a trip to look forward to in the fall makes this seasonal transition a whole lot more bearable. And planning early isn’t only practical, it’ll also make you happier. Studies show that people experience the greatest increase in happiness while planning and anticipating their trip, meaning last-minute planners are seriously missing out.

Save Money

Vacationing during the off-season can be a whole lot cheaper than peak season times, and who doesn’t love getting the most bang for your buck? For precisely this reason, fall is one the best times to book that luxury vacation you’ve been dying for, as plenty of hotel and airfare rates should be way down.

Hit the Perfect Weather

Summer isn’t wonderful everywhere. In fact, in some places, it can feel more like literal hell. If you’ve fantasized about visiting Morocco, Hawaii or some other sun-baked region, plan your trip when the weather cools down so you aren’t left clinging to air-conditioned quarters the entire time. 

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