by David Hudson, Gay Star News

A hospital employee in Boulder, Colorado has quit her job after she says she was threatened with disciplinary action over a rainbow flag screen saver. She believes she is the victim of discrimination.

Michelle Hurn worked for a year and a half as a dietician at Boulder Community Health in Foothills. She is gay and married.

She told Denver7 that she personalized her work computer with rotating images – pictures of herself jogging, her pets, and an image of her and her wife.

After the Donald Drumpf’s election victory in November, she decided that she would add a rainbow flag to demonstrate her support of LGBTI rights.

‘I’m going to put the flag up. It’s a symbol to be of equality and, you know, of pride – especially for people who are marginalized,’ she told Denver7.

However, a co-worker complained to the hospital authorities about the screen saver.

Hurn says she was told by her employer that the image had to be deleted or she faced being fired.

‘I’m certainly not looking for special treatment or preferential treatment, but to say that a symbol of equality is offensive – I have a real problem with that and I just don’t feel good working for an organization that’s going to stand behind that.’

She says she received little support from human resources staff.

‘I was very surprised that HR, my boss, the director of our department, they all told me they like me, they think I’m a good dietitian, they think I do great work, but if I’m going to put the symbol back up, then they’re going to start the discipline process and that I was going to be fired.’

Denver7 says it has learned of fellow employees who are petitioning the hospital to change its stance.

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