Today marks the 27th World AIDS Day, a day recognized around the world as a time to raise awareness of the AIDS pandemic that continues to take thousands of lives each year.

While we have made great strides in the fight against HIV/AIDS, there is much work still do be done. Despite scientific advances, including the roll out of Truvada which has shown to prevent new infections, HIV is again on the rise among young gay men and women of color in the United States. In Africa, AIDS continues to be the leading cause of death among teens.

Many organizations worldwide are doing their part to raise awarness and find a cure. In June, Gay Travel was honored to take part in one of those efforts. We sent two of our Gay Travel Celebrity Gurus on the AIDS Lifecycle. Through social media, video and blog posts, they shared the stories of a number of people taking part in the 600 mile ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. One story in particular stood out.

We invite you to watch Davey Wavey's video interview with David Flanagan, who rode the AIDS Lifecycle in memory of his son Joshua.

Joshua was supposed to be participating in 2015's AIDS Lifecycle, but he lost his battle with HIV/AIDS in November of 2015. This video is for Joshua and for the many people all over the world living with and fighting for an end to this disease. 

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