XLsior is coming up- a nine day gay extravaganza set on the beautiful island paradise of Mykonos. Last year Anastasios, the event organizer, had the impossible task of creating a 5 day gay event in only a couple of months. The event was a huge success leading to over 10,000 gay boys flooding the island. The event has now been expanded to 9 days and expects over 20,000 gays to participate in this gay festival. Anastasios would be delighted to host you, and below he explains his event in more detail.About AnastasiosBrendan: What got you into this kind of lifestyle?Anastasios: I was a student in London and part time DJ. I was thrilled to make people have a great time with crazy style events. I aimed to make people talk about my parties long after they finished. My experiences in London led me to open 3 bars in Athens and change my hobby into a career.B: What do you do when you are not working?A: I love traveling as well as riding my motorbike along the sea front. The gym and kick boxing is my every day escape from work.B: Where do you like to travel?A: Hmm good question... some of my international destinations are Rio de Janeiro, Miami, London, Paris but I also love to travel within Greece. There are so many islands, and everyone of them has something very special.About Your EventB: What makes your event special?A: Most gay events take place in a big club. However, Mykonos has such natural beauty, that we absolutely must use the open venues, which are located on the beach. The events will combine the beauty of the crystal waters of the Myknonian beaches and high-tech lights effects.B: What kind of music will you be playing?A: All events have their music which is a major parameter to their success.The DJs of the XLsior Festival like JuanJo Martin, Pablo Kopanos, Hugo Sanchez, Hector Fonseca set the international standard for the gay parties.About MykonosB: What does Mykonos have to offer for GayTravelers?A: Mykonos is found in the heart of Cyclades. It is an island with a double personality: it is one of the most gorgeous Cycladic islands, with picturesque streets, white houses, chapels and windmills, and simultaneously one of the most known tourist destinations, which has been distinguished at a world level for its cosmopolitan character. Clubs, bars and beaches of the island have all been filled for many decades with tourists. Mykonos is an island that guarantees that its visitors will have fun, no matter if they are worshippers of night life or the kind of travelers that wish to get to know the place, to visit sights such as archaeological sites, monuments, churches, picturesque settlements and familiarize themselves with the tradition and life of the residents. Mykonos offers all the above and exceeds all expectations.There are beautiful coasts, white rural houses, windmills and small pigeon houses, but above all, friendly and smiling people. All these in combination with the cool summer atmosphere, and the colours of, grey, white and azure in all their nuances, endless stone fences, the prickly pears and the reeds and the most glamorous Gay Festival of the Summer 2010, justify why Mykonos is the place to be Summer 2010. View More Event Spotlight Articles

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