If you’ve been on a mid-winter Netflix binge lately (who hasn’t?), you’ve probably seen “Instant Hotel,” an addictive reality-style series that originally aired in Australia. The show involves vacation rental hosts competing with and judging each other to prove they’ve got the best homestay of the bunch.The undeniable stars of the show are same-sex couple and so-called “fussy” contestants Brent and Leroy, who make a name for themselves with their impossibly high standards and their deliciously judgy jabs aimed at other contestants—not to mention the fact that they not-so-subtly bring their own high-end pillows to each home they stay in.

In every episode, viewers get to delight in the made-for-TV drama, such as the infamous scene where unapologetic snob Leroy turns up his nose at another contestant’s décor, likening it to “lipstick on a gorilla.”

When Brent and Leroy’s own place is finally visited by other contestants, it’s judged pretty harshly—blame it on the competitive nature of the show. But there’s no doubt GayTravel enthusiasts will be thrilled when they see the beautiful home in person after renting it through the couple’s listing on Airbnb.

This five-star, three-bedroom cottage features a funky tropical vibe and a lush backyard space with a swimming pool and a cascading stone waterfall. Boasting a more minimalist look than when it was featured on “Instant Hotel,” the couple’s sanctuary is an impeccably clean, tastefully arranged home base complete with a spacious furnished patio, Wi-Fi, free parking, and a washer and dryer.

Past guests praise its roominess, its privacy, and its marvelous pool and backyard area. And the best part? Gay-friendly vacations at this inviting spot are possible for a mere $267 per night (with no exorbitant cleaning fee, unlike—ahem—that of other contestants).

Brent and Leroy’s now-famous “Instant Hotel” property is located in the beautiful beach town of Port Douglas on Australia’s tropical northeast coast, in the sunny state of Queensland.

Those looking for relaxing, nature-filled gay holidays could hardly choose a better region in the Land Down Under. It’s the perfect jumping off point for experiencing the splendor of the world’s largest coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef, or for exploring the dense rainforest at Daintree National Park. See our gay travel guide to Australia for other destination ideas.

Reaching Port Douglas from the U.S. typically means flying into a major hub in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane before hopping on a connecting flight to the airport in Cairns. From there, you’re still about an hour’s drive from Port Douglas, so renting a car is recommended.

Once you’re settled in your fabulous Airbnb, you can unwind and relax in a space designed by the most discerning of hosts—and you won’t even have to bring your own pillows.


For those interested in LGBT travel and accommodations with our very own stamp of approval, check out our list of GayTravel Approved® accommodations, located in all corners of the world!

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