Tradition and Elegance in Welcoming Oia, Santorini

Luxury meets natural beauty in an unrivaled blend and setting.The Hotel is literally carved into a cliff facing the volcanic Archipelago, under the warm restless  rays of the Greek sun. Esperas Hotel offers 3 types of accommodation: Studios, Houses and Suites.The bright sun, the fresh sea breeze and the unparalleled views will enable you to experience endless moments of relaxation by the pool, at the verandas, on the queen-sized beds or in your private Jacuzzi.

However, Santorini Island is not only about indulging yourself from the hotel’s luxurious amenities or just enjoying  its natural beauties. A big part of the Santorini experience is tasting the local cuisine and local wines and certainly a  visiting its museums and archaeological sites. 

The Esperas Hotel  dominates the cliff that used to be solid rock and has become synonymous to Santorini, offering globally unique views of the sea and the sunset, relaxing days and peaceful nights to all its visitors.


Esperas Santorini Hotel offers guests 3 types of accommodation: Studios, Cave Houses, and Honeymoon Suites. All rooms enjoy stunning views of the Aegean, and most feature the famous Santorini sunset from their own private terrace.


Dining at Esperas Hotel Restaurant at sunset is a fine dining experience not to be missed. The setting is picture-perfect with spectacular views of the Caldera in an intimate environment that’s ideal for a romantic, unforgettable dinner. The menu pays tribute to Mediterranean cuisine, the traditions of Santorini, and the unique ingredients of Greece.


Lounging around the pool at Esperas provides an excellent opportunity to experience the unbeatable views of Santorini while sunbathing under the Greek sun. A dip in the pool provides a refreshing break from your lounging and relaxing. The pool bar serves invigorating smoothies and light dishes such as healthy wraps and other options perfectly suited for a snack any hour of the day.


Looking for a luxurious and yet elegant space for your wedding in a private circle of guests? Or a dreamy setting to spend your honeymoon holidays? The warm and inviting atmosphere of Esperas Hotel will enchant you and your guests accompanied by the magnificent view of the famous Santorini sunset. The grace and beauty of Oia will add up to a dreamy honeymoon setting. Why not combine both? Celebrate your special moment followed by an exclusive reception at the hotel’s venues and then prepare for a truly romantic honeymoon in the unique Honeymoon Suite of Esperas Hotel.


It’s the time to enjoy your freedom with the highest quality down-time you’ve ever experienced. Santorini is one of the most leisurely locations on the planet, whether it’s lounging around the pool and enjoying the spectacular views, or swimming at nearby beaches, relaxing at our spa, tasting wines, touring the island by land or water, Esperas offers the best of Santorini. History speaks through the windmills and the Castle (Kasteli) at Agios Nikolaos, the Venetian-era Cultural Center “Megaro Gyzi” in Fira and the Archaeological site of Akrotiri. The volcanic era of the island left a rather colorful legacy. The White, the Black and the Red beach, each covered in colorful volcanic pebbles and sand as indicated by their names.

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