A World Where Time Slows

Something incredible happens the moment guests step off the sidewalk of bustling 49th Street and into the lobby of The Time Hotel New York. The ambiance noticeably changes, seeming to tangibly shift from the frenetic pace of Times Square into a serenity that is all at once equally calming and energizing. The rest of your stay will remain suspended in this intriguing atmosphere, and it is through this lens that you’ll view your days and nights.

A destination for the creative class, The Time hotel draws inspiration from its talented neighbors in the worlds of music, theater and multimedia. Inside a secret world unfolds. Intriguing geometric artwork; a hidden, gem-like lounge and bar; a surreal elevator ride to perfectly cued accommodations – the further you venture inward, the more these pieces unfold to reveal moments of surprise.


Private spaces for lingering longer. The 167 guest rooms and 25 suites of The Time New York represent a new brand of relaxed luxury.

In a city with few secrets begging to be kept, the restaurant and lounge settings of The Time New York exude an elusive property. Once discovered, unwrapped and revealed, these modernist spaces become places only you know – private haunts to end the day with close friends or clandestine settings to entertain associates of your choosing. At once exclusive of outsiders, but inclusive of anyone who steps inside, these are spaces where once you’re in, you are truly in.

Exclusive luxuries to pass the time. Enjoy privileged access to a wide range of on-property services and amenities needed in part or in whole by every guest.


Amazing food and drinks! 


With a mezzanine location semi-hidden from view of the lobby, the dimly-lit lounge radiates an atmosphere as progressive as it is private.


Serafina, located on the first floor, is a charming dining spot with its heart in Northern Italy and its feet planted squarely in Midtown Manhattan.


Proudly serving Stumptown Coffee. Stumptown is about one simple thing: making the best possible coffee.



Amenities at a Glance:

Management Info:
Gay friendly

Mixed Gay/Straight

In Room Facilities/Services:
Coffee / Tea Pot
Internet Access
Laundry Service

On Property Facilities/Services:
Meeting Rooms
Room Service

Commitment Ceremony Planning / Hosting:


Children Welcome:

Pets Allowed:
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