Gay Albuquerque

Ready for a hot vacation in the Southwest sun? Want to tie the knot? Well, Gay Albuquerque is the place to be! Albuquerque is known to be a fun family destination that welcomes all.  There are many places for the gay traveler to explore in this pueblo backdropped by the majestic Sandia Mountains, and our travel guides can help you with every aspect of planning your trip. Whether you want to travel back in time and see the Spanish style architecture of Old Town Albuquerque, be in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Downtown, or get back to nature and explore the gorgeous dormant volcanoes of the West Side, Albuquerque is a great place to adventure.

Check out 3 of GayTravel's hot spots to visit while in town!

When it comes to events, Gay Albuquerque truly does have something unique to do year round. In August, be sure to stop by the Gay Rodeo. Come see some of the hottest cowboys and cowgirls rope up some calves, race through some barrels, and ride some bulls. This three day event has some of the best wranglers this side of the Mississippi. The rodeo also has a gay twist with the gay games like drag queen steer riding. Profits from the Rodeo also support a number of causes like: HIV/AIDS research, legal services for minors who are coming out, and shelters for battered women.

In October, treat yourself to a view of the Southwest like you’ve never seen at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Albuquerque’s weather is perfect for hot air ballooning, and in the beginning of October more than 700 balloons go up in the air at this week-long festival. Watching balloons of all colors, shapes, and sizes is fun for all ages, but why watch when you can ride. Even though things hit their peak in October there are some companies that will let you fly year round. If you feel like laughing and music try to plan your trip around Southwest Funnyfest. This event brings together an eclectic mix of famous “L” comediennes and amazing musicians.

Last, but certainly, not least is the Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. Hosted by Closet Cinema, a non-profit organization devoted to showcasing the richness of LGBT’s life, the Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival is New Mexico’s largest film festival and lasts for 7 days, screens over 80 features, and 54 shorts and documentaries. Members of the international LGBT community flock to Albuquerque in the beginning of October to see this cultural wonder.

Albuquerque Gay Scene

Explore the Albuquerque gay scene with expert tips and gay and lesbian travel guides from While there is no specific gayborhood in Albuquerque, there are plenty of gay-friendly restaurants and attractions to help keep the gay and lesbian traveler busy.

Albuquerque does not have a centralized gayborhood, but it is certainly a gay friendly city. One spot recommended by for LGBT travelers is Nob Hill. Route 66 runs through this neighborhood and is line with neon signs, hip restaurants, and trendy shops. It is also home to several gay bars including, Exhale and Sidewinders. Another hot spot is Uptown, which is Albuquerque’s shopping district. With the state's largest mall, the Coronado Center, and several boutiques, Uptown is where you can shop ‘til you drop and is also home to many of the city’s events like the State Fair.

Gay-Friendly Dining

Saigon Restaurant

Fans of homemade Vietnamese food can rarely go wrong here, what with Saigon Restaurant’s 145 menu selections!

Nob Hill Bar and Restaurant

While at times Nob Hill Bar & Grill has the gastropub feel its founders sought from the beginning, it’s obvious that this is a restaurant first and foremost. Ultimately, it’s a place that has a little something for the diner, a little something for the drinker and even more for the casual cocktail-wielding nosher. In other words, Nob Hill Bar & Grill is a just great place to hang out.

Farina Pizzeria and Wine Bar

With heavyweight credentials and food knowledge earned via Artichoke, Farina didn’t really have a choice to serve anything but ultra-quality, innovative and delicious pizzas to a crowd that, as evidenced by the corner restaurant’s success since the day it opened, really wanted something that strayed from the standard idea of “pizza.”

Gay-Friendly Nightlife

Effex Night Club

Wanna dance like there's no tomorrow? Effex, located on Central Ave SW and 3rd St SW, is the night club for you. With outrageous fun smoke and lighting effects (hence the name), this night club plays today's best dance and dub-step mixes! Drink specials and real fun. Get your sexy on at Effex night club in Albuquerque from 9pm-2am.

Local Tips in Albuquerque

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