Gay Anchorage

They say everything is over the top in gay friendly Anchorage. There is a gay scene which can be found mostly in the north end of town.  You will find the LGBT community really hangs together in this land of extremes! Visiting this 49th state is truly a trip-of-a-lifetime where you can see and experience it all.  Epic adventure, unforgettable scenery, amazingly fresh seafood and the friendliest people!
If you are looking for an all-inclusive, relaxing, extremely comfortable & truly secluded wilderness adventure, Alaska’s Anvik River Lodge is the place for you.  Located over 450 miles Northwest of Anchorage, Gay Travel recommends you make the trip to the only lodge on the whole Anvik River, a subsidiary to the mighty Yukon River.  For the ultimate experience, make sure you participate in the 40th Year Celebration of Anchorage PrideFest 2017 this June!