Gay Antarctica's Celebrity Guru, Mark Vogler visited the gay destination, read all about his adventures!

Located at the very bottom of the world, Antarctica is only recommended for real explorers. The name “Antarctica” is Greek for “opposite of Artic”, but that doesn't mean it's not cold! Though the continent is near twice the size of Australia, it is covered with 98% ice that is a mile thick! While there are no permanent residents on the island, throughout the year it has up to 5000 researchers doing temporary stays. We suggest visitors only make the trip to Antarctica through tours, and preferably only for those who are healthy enough to make the big trip. The South Pole is located on the continent, and you can find an assortment of animals, including penguins, blue whales, orcas, colossal squids and fur seals. 

Photo credit: Mark Vogler

Destinations within Antarctica

There are currently no destinations listed for this region.