Gay Asia

Asia's and the earth's highest point is Mount Everest, down the border of Tibet and Nepal, which goes up to 29,028 feet above sea level. Its lowest point is the Dead Sea, situated within the meeting points of Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and Jordan, whose surface is 1,312 feet below sea level. Asia's largest river is the Yangtze, which extends 3,915 miles through China, from all the way from the high Tibetan Plateau to Shanghai. Its major lake is the 149,200 square mile Caspian Sea, which is nestled amidst several Central Asian nations.

Asia is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the east, by Australia to the south east, and by the Indian Ocean to the south. It is bounded by the Red Sea to the south west, by Europe and Urals to the west, and by the Arctic Ocean to the north.

Destinations within Asia