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Gay Berlin

Berlin is an extremely diverse city, residents and travelers of all nationalities visit and live here. The population in berlin is approximately 3.5 million and is expected to continue to grow. Surprisingly this city is extremely liberal as 1 in 10 inhabitants are gay or bisexual, which makes this awesome city one of Europe’s top 3 gay cities. Because of the tolerance of the Berlin people you will easily find many same sex couples walking hand in hand and kissing along the gorgeous city streets. This is definitely a must visit city for the rising gay traveler.

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Berlin is truly a city that holds many stories, both wonderful and dark. Be sure to read through the comprehensive gay and lesbian berlin travel guide before you venture into the city. During the day there are many places to go and many places for you to see. If you want to view some amazing architecture then head over to the brandenburg gate, the gate holds many of germany’s old 18th and 19th century buildings. The city’s main cathedral also resides in brandenburg and is definitely a sight to see. 

Seeking a darker side of Berlin’s history? Look no further than where the Old Berlin wall use to stand, head over to the Mauermusem Haus am Checkpoint Charlie which is next to the site where the old border crossing stood when the wall was still up. If you aren’t all that into sight-seeing and would rather feed your retail indulgences then don’t fret because there are small shops everywhere. Grab a coffee and make your way down the streets of Berlin and you’ll find a wide variety of different shops and stores which will gladly help you fill your shopping bags.

Once the night falls grab your clothes and get ready for a night on the town. Berlin is no joke, the nightlife here is crazy and extremely fun. Head over to the gaslamp quarter and you’ll find an endless stream of gay bars and restaurants. From sprawling dancefloors to hole in the wall dives, here there is everything for everyone.

Here the winters can be very cold and chilly while the summers can be very hot. Keep the seasons in mind while you are traveling, and pack accordingly. Arriving with a t-shirt and shorts during the months of December and January could mean a fatal vacation mistake. Overall, Berlin is on our list of must visit destinations so be sure not to miss out on this amazing city.

The Gay Scene in Berlin

Berlin is one of the gay capitals in Europe.  It has been through the destruction of war and was divided for almost 30 years but it’s once again on top. It is an incredibly tolerant place where even the mayor is openly gay.

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Restaurants in Berlin

Berlin’s foodie scene is as active as its gay scene. There are a number of gay-owned restaurants, cafes, and the like that are as great as any restaurant you are likely to find. Take a walk around the city, window shop until you see something you can’t wait to try. It won’t take long.

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Nightlife in Berlin

Berlin’s gay nightlife is as great as gay bars and clubs can get. This is a major city so there is always something to do. Take a look around you’ll find a facet of the gay nightlife that works for you.

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