Gay Bloomington

Because of Bloomington's proximity to St. Paul and Minneapolis, there is no better place to stay while visiting this major metropolitan area. Public transportation is extremely accessible and easy to navigate no matter what time of year. Bloomington also offers tons of fitness and sports activities including great winter sports options and beautiful gardens, nature reserves, and wildlife sanctuaries for the warmer months. This gorgeous city gets a full range of seasons which makes for exciting experiences throughout the year.

In addition to natural beauty, Bloomington features great shopping and nightlife options especially when nearby St. Paul and Minneapolis pick up in energy on weekends and special occasions. The Mall of America is a great place to visit because it is the biggest mall in the United States and represents the thriving consumer culture of the Midwest centered in Minnesota. Bloomington also boasts incredible Historical sites and quaint treasures throughout town that are not to be missed during any visit here! Soak up a healthy dose of Minnesota spunk with a vacation centered in Bloomington for the time of your life!