Gay Bodega Bay

A quiet, northern California beach town, Bodega Bay is a nice day trip from the bay area or wine growing regions like Santa Rosa and Napa. It's only an hour and a half drive from San Fran, about 30 minutes from the gay-resort area of Russian River and an hour from Sonoma. Tucked away in a harbor, almost directly on the San Andreas Fault, the wind-blown city has been the filming location for several Hollywood horror films, giving the town an eerie, desolate feeling after dark. It's location on the coast gives it ample fog most of the year providing the perfect backdrop for the original 1980's film, The Fog. And while the seagulls and crows aren't likely to attack or harass you, the town is more infamously known for its starring role in Hitchcock's The Birds. Despite it's frightening portrayal, the town is actually quite pleasant and people are certainly friendly. You aren't likely to find any gay-specific bars or restaurants in small, quaint Bodega Bay, but its proximity to so many other gay destinations has made it more welcoming of gay people than one might expect from a rural, isolated, beach town. 

It's rural location makes it a great spot to go hiking or camping, and the promontories along the coast make it a prime spot for whale-watching when the behemoths migrate up or down the coast depending on the season. The weather is generally fair, but its infamous fog and wind mean it might not be a bad idea to carry a jacket around. 

The Gay Scene in Bodega Bay

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