Gay Bora Bora

The island of Bora Bora lies in French Polynesia, to which Tahiti also belongs, and is easily one of the most exclusive island destinations in the world. Overwater bungalows sit above cobalt water scintillating with a rainbow of tropical fish, while the former volcano carter rises to the majestic dual peaks of Mt. Pahia and Mt. Otemanu. This is paradise.

Bora Bora is not the casual sort of destination, and is certainly not for the budget-traveler vacationing on a whim. Though if you sneak away from the resorts and mingle with the locals, it's certainly more affordable, as would be expected. That said, it's not about the money when you're visiting an isolated, oceanic island that is the epitome of tropical paradise! Anyone would fantasize about simply getting shipwrecked in this stunning landscape, but world-class spas and luxury resorts are available to cater to your every need. These are immensely popular for lovers seeking to drop off the grid and enjoy sensual tranquility of an island oasis.  

Coral reef snorkeling, deep-sea diving, wave running, pearl diving, sleeping in, cuddling, wading into shallow pools with coffee in hand…things go as fast or as slow as you want here (Note: service also takes this ethos to heart, so be patient!).

If you visit from November until April (the Polynesian summer), plan on getting wet. Storms can be fierce and unpredictable, dumping nearly 3/4th of the annual rain. But we've been told it is a magical experience swimming in the warm South Pacific ocean during a tropical rainstorm. It definitely sounds like something out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. On the other hand, the dry season runs from May to October, and it's the best time to catch the consistent sun that radiates across the island. Just be certain to bring lots of sunscreen and have someone helpful nearby to rub it on your back so you don't get burned from all the snorkeling, diving, and lounging you'll be doing!

Photos courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme

The Gay Scene in Bora Bora

Bora Bora is incredibly accepting of gay singles, gay couples, and gay groups, so feel free to explore the island oasis with confidence.

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