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Viceroy Los Cabos

Beautiful terraces, glistening pools, a white-sand beach and indoor/outdoor luxury accommodations and villas invite new possibilities.

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Nobu Hotel Los Cabos

Casual elegance, clean lines, and a play between light and shadows, the region of Los Cabos is soon to be home to Nobu's first hotel in Mexico.

Gay Travel Los Cabos & Cabo San Lucas

Gay Los Cabos

Los Cabos, or San Jose del Cabo, is just twenty five miles from Cabo San Lucas but totally differs in style and ambiance. Los Cabos is laid back and low-key, and is known for its amazing art galleries, restaurants, and architecture. Like it's neighbor, Los Cabos has beautiful beaches with breathtaking desert and ocean views. The climate here is delicious and makes for an indulgent vibe that is palpable in all parts of town. In between the two Cabos, there are plenty of resorts, spas, golf courses, and villas all ready to explore!

Local Tips and Tricks for Los Cabos

If you don’t want to find empty or semi-empty venues don’t go out before ten, because clubs don’t generally get going before midnight. You can eat until late and then go out; after all, you are on vacation! Los Cabos is also known for its water sports, deep sea fishing, whale watching, golf courses, and restaurants.

Thankfully, there is a whole lot more to Cabo than country stars shilling stereotypes. Cabo San Lucas distinguishes itself from many other Mexican destinations with a variety of top-notch activities, including world-class dining, traditional eateries, lush golf courses, calm surf, epic sports fishing, every water sport imaginable and a wild-as-you-want-it nightlife. This unique travel destination pulls off a wonderful balance of contemporary luxury and local traditions. Cabo has become a favorite among travelers of all sorts, and it's not hard to see why.

Cabo San Lucas Gay Scene

Right at the tip of the Baja California peninsula lies Cabo San Lucas, one of the most popular resort destinations in Mexico. Jimmy Buffet and Sammy Hagar, who espouse their love of Cabo in various forms, made Cabo famous: Buffet with his Margaritaville and Hagar with his Cabo Wabo Cantina and tequila.

The gay scene in Cabo San Lucas is low-key, but very friendly. In recent years, many gays traveling to Mexico have been drawn away from some of the more popular destinations nearby, like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, in favor of Cabo San Lucas. The sophisticated beach resort culture and the diversity of activities have gradually come to accommodate gay travelers, ensuring that any LGBTQ visitor will be able to feel right at home.

Gay-Friendly Dining in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is full of exciting dining options for travelers on any kind of budget.

La Galería Restaurant

Located just off the boardwalk, La Galería offers outstanding Mexican, Italian and Mediterranean food and reasonably priced drinks. This gay-friendly restaurant is perfect for a date night or a group outing.

Scoop Hotel & Supper Club

Scoop is a gay-welcoming supper club featuring fusion cuisine and live entertainment. Located in the heart of downtown Cabo, Scoop offers a wide range of creative dishes and is one of Cabo's hippest hangout spots.

Asi Y Asado

This roadside eatery offers simple local dishes, perfect for travelers on a budget or anyone looking for a casual dip into local flavor. Grab some tacos or empanadas, wash them down with a cold beer and don't forget to enjoy the full salsa bar!

Gay-Friendly Nightlife in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas has always had plenty of nightlife options. Sammy Hagar even named his tequila after the place, so you know the nightlife has to be good! Keep in mind that when it comes to nightlife in Latin America, things don't get going until rather late, so take a siesta after sunset, and head out to the clubs around eleven or midnight.

Passion Club & Lounge

The Passion Club & Lounge is an upscale club located in the ME Cabo resort. Go-go boys and strip shows are front-and-center if you catch one of their LGBTQ nights, known as Open Your Mind events.

Pink Kitty

This hip and sexy nightclub offers high-end bottle service, a rotating cast of international DJs, theme nights and regular Ladies' Nights where women drink for free!

The Closet

One of the best-known gay bars in Cabo, the Closet is a great place to meet people, enjoy a great selection of cocktails and peep the sexy staff. On a good night, you might catch the waiters dancing on the tabletops and offering free shots!

Gay-Friendly Activities & Destinations

Cabo can be a relaxing destination if you want it to be, but if you don't, there are plenty of local adventures to be had.

Lovers' Beach

A fun beach for locals and tourists, Lovers' Beach isn't only for couples. In fact, you might not get much privacy at all given how many people this beautiful destination attracts. Take a water taxi from the marina to access this beach. And if you tire of the crowds, Divorce Beach is only a five-minute walk westward and has a great sunset view.

Canyon Canopy Adventure

If you've got an adventurer's desire for thrill, book a canyon canopy tour that lets you zip-line through breathtaking canyons, pristine canopies and unique ecological habitats. This is a truly unique experience that makes Cabo a one-of-a-kind destination.

ATV Excursions

If you are in Cabo, you must go on an ATV excursion. Zoom across desert landscapes or along the ocean, enjoying some of the best views Cabo has to offer.

Local Tips, Tricks & News

There are three main areas to Cabo. San Jose del Cabo, the closest to the airport, is considered the Old Town. San Jose delivers the authentic Mexican experience, with its colonial architecture, art galleries and lively town square encompassing much of the laid-back ethos of Mexican life. Cabo San Lucas is the "Main Town," and provides a hub for most of the local. Here you will find the majority of the all-night party venues, as well as the oft-photographed Arch at Land's End. A highway called The Corridor connects Cabo's raucous party scene and San Jose's traditional elegance. This is where resorts, golf courses and super-luxury villas have spread like wildfire.

During the summer, Cabo is slightly cooler than San Jose, especially if the winds are blowing from the Pacific rather than the Gulf. Cabo is also less rainy than San Jose, although both cities can be affected by occasional summertime hurricanes. March through July is considered the dry season, although peak travel season is during the winter months of November to February. January is the driest of those months, making it one of the best times to visit for maximum sun!

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