Gay Cambodia

Homosexuality is legal in Cambodia and LGBT travelers are becoming more and more welcomed in bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels around the country. Because of the size of Cambodia it is relatively easy and inexpensive to get around. There are many safe, affordable transportation options and visitors are usually pleased at the connection of the entire tourist industry here to the local pace and natural beauty. Cambodia boats healthy living in an incredible tropical location so it is no surprise that this conutry is a favorite among seasoned travelers. There is no better way to start your vacation, whether it be to relax or explore, than with a wonderful stay in the Cambodian natural beauty and lifestyle. 

Beautiful Cambodia is a rich and vibrant tourist destination that offers Gay Travelers an incredible southeast Asian experience full of its fair share of gay-friendliness and welcoming local culture. Like many of its neighbors, Cambodia has had a history of diverse of national experiences and social movements. In recent years however Cambodia has become a major destination for tourists craving nature, spirituality, and deep cultural exchange. Locals around Cambodia are extremely proud of their history and national identity which makes the country extremely welcoming and educational for all who pass through. Cambodians also pride themselves on a lifestyle of peace and tranquility which has been extremely influenced by Buddism which is the major religion practiced here.

Destinations within Cambodia