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Gay Cancun

The name Cancun brings thoughts of crystal clear blue skies, clean gorgeous beaches, glistening warm water, and miles upon miles of gorgeous people. For a gay traveler, there is nowhere else in the world that would seem more perfect for a romantic getaway or a wild vacation. In Cancun there is truly something or everyone, there are so many things to do that often travelers don’t even know where to start.

(picture above: Our friends Westin Cancun celebrating Cancun Pride 2016)

This great city has been experiencing major economic growth and huge development within the last 40 years. It has been growing as the premiere central tourist destination in Mexico, and can only be seen to grow more in the future. Cancun boasts the most modern and safe water purification systems compared to any other city in Mexico. Every hotel and resort in the city has access to this water system so you can drink water directly from your faucet without worry.

Located directly south of New Orleans, Cancun is a relatively easy place to get to, especially if you are coming from North America. Separated into two parts, the “hotel zone” which is shaped like the number “7”, and “El Centro” which is referred to as downtown Cancun where you can find the majority of the gay scene. Two beautiful narrow canals run north to south in-between the two sections, but you can access each side via old fashion style bridges. Once inside “El Centro” you’ll easily discover Cancun’s gay scene as well as shops, restaurants, gay clubs, gay bars, and anything else that your heart may desire.

Swimsuits and bikinis remain highly prevalent here in Cancun, as perfect coastal temperatures residing in the upper 80’s for more than 250 days of the year make it truly a hotspot. You can find easy access to a variety of activities that will fulfill your thrilling as there are an abundance of possible exhilarating adventures to undertake. Want some wind in your hair with the cool ocean water beneath your feet? Check out wind-surfing, there are many shops along the coastline that are willing to train you for a small fee. Do you have a desire to see the beautiful corals of Cancun underwater? Take one of their famous snorkeling tours or deep sea scuba diving packages. Don’t forget that you also relax on the plush green grass of Cancun’s luxury golf courses if you ever need to take a step back from your thrilling adventure.

If you haven’t experienced nightlife in Cancun than you truly haven’t experienced nightlife! Nightlife in Cancun is truly a once in a life-time adventure. The beautiful city boasts some of the best nightclubs the world has to offer. Various venues offer a different look with special shows, acrobatic performances, and special live acts. This is truly a destination to put on your bucket list. 

Cancun Gay Scene

Cancun’s gay scene is primarily located in El Centro or downtown Cancun. If you are looking for the gay scene on the beach keep an eye out for rotating crowds that will change based on the time of day so an area that can be family-friendly one hour might be a great cruise spot at another hour.

El Centro, otherwise known as downtown Cancun holds the hotspot for the gay scene in the city. Playa Mamitas and Delfines are the two major beaches in Cancun that are renowned for being very popular to gay travelers. The sand there is warm and the crystal white water is a glistening warm blue and green. Ideal for sunbathing, you’ll find other LGBT travelers sprawled out all along these coasts trying to catch some rays. If you’re looking for something even more you could check out the nudist beach in Cancun which is a forty minute walk from the Coco resort.

Don’t forget that the nightlife down here is truly “poppin” as the clubs are some of the best in world. Nightly, there are special acrobatic performances which are sure to dazzle your eyes as you see acrobats fly across the dark night sky. Special artists are often flown in for exclusive shows, you can often find big name artists in local venues that you can view for a very small fee. If you want to just walk the streets, you’ll find that there are a variety of street performers that walk through the city streets. Finally, you can’t forget about the amazing gay bars in Cancun which have been a rising phenomenon within the last 10 years. Here at these bars you’ll find some amazing new people to meet who are here for probably the same reasons that you are.
Gay Cancun is a place you don’t want to miss folks!

Gay-Friendly Dining

Cancun knows that it is playing to an international audience and the restaurant scene reflects that. There are a good number of gay-friendly restaurants at every price point serving every cuisine.

La Habichuela - Centro

Located in the center of the city, La Habichuela, has become a establishment of Cancun with more than 32 years operation. Some say that if you don’t know La Habichuela, you don’t know Cancun. The genuine ambience of Mayan culture, attentive service, and a menu complete with Caribbean seafood dishes, Mexican cuisine, steaks, and international cuisine, have built the restaurant’s strong reputation. La Habichuela was awarded the Five Diamonds Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences and is a proud recipient of the National Best Restaurant Award.

Harry’s Prime Steakhouse and Raw Bar

A refined contemporary restaurant proudly serving USDA Prime and Certified Black Angus beef. The natural beauties, that only Cancun can offer, surround the restaurant.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Feel free to laugh out loud. Stay a while. Experience the sizzle. Above all, enjoy yourself. This is the place that showed the world how great a steak can be. Carefully selected and aged for tenderness. Cut thick to ensure juiciness. Seared to perfection at 1800 degrees. Seasoned simply with salt, black pepper and a touch of parsley, because a steak like this needs nothing else.

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